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Feb 15, 2008 04:47 PM

One dinner, outer boroughs. Suggestion?

We have a babysitter for Saturday night 2/16, and a car, and want to go somewhere new. Outer boroughs preferred. Anywhere other than Heights/Cobble/Carroll/Slope area (that's where we live). Any cuisine is fine. Shouldn't break the bank, but doesn't need to be cheap.

Ideally we could walk in without a reservation sometime between 6 and 8, without waiting too long. (2 people.)


And to throw a couple out there, does Sripraphai or Spicy Mina fit this bill?

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  1. Sripraphai is great, for sure, but as a mom who rarely has a babysitter, one night when we did, but weren't exactly feeling flush, we went to Moto in Williamsburg near the Marcy Ave subway. It was romantic, inexpensive, and had a great accordion/trumpet/saxophone trio playing. The atmosphere was great and I would prefer a night out somewhere like this, as there's more to it than just the food. I think we spent 60 bucks!

    1. Probably the majority of the places in Queens discussed on this board are like this. Few take reservations. That gives you a lot of options. The only issue is sometimes there are lines ... the lines at Sripraphai can get quite long on the weekends. Maybe at 6 it's not bad, I'm not sure. The couple times we decided to go on a Friday/Saturday we ended up going elsewhere, so we've stuck to going there during the week.

      I'm of course a big de mole fan so that's my suggestion. It can get busy too but not nearly as bad. If you get there earlier (before 7) I can't imagine waiting too long. The food really is excellent and the prices are great and it's byob. And they're so nice!

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        people don't tend to realize, but Srip does take reservations. Done it twice, table for 5 and a table for 15, saturday night prime times, and they kept the tables even with lines going out the door.

        1. re: Widmark

          FWIW - I just called and they wouldn't take a reservation for 4 for tonight. We've walked in for a table for 2 at 6pm during the week without a problem, and also made reservations for groups of 6 or more on different occasions.

          1. re: MMRuth

            Follow up - stopped by at 7pm - long line outside - my husband popped in and was told a 40 minute wait for 4, so we went to El Gauchito and had great skirt steak and fries.

          2. re: Widmark

            Hmm... I'm curious now what the deal is. We tried to reserve for a large group last year and were told they don't take reservations. I'd like to know because I would love to have have a birthday party or something there but I've always written it off because of the reservation issue.

            1. re: catherine

              Don't know how big your group is, but I made a reservation for 9 people on a week night recently.