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Feb 15, 2008 04:47 PM

Street Food in Miami

Thoughts? Recomendations?

I had grilled pork chunks on a stick on the walk back from a Heat game. Awful, tossed it after 3 bites.

Other than that, haven't seen much by me (Brickell)

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    1. I too have tried those pork chunks and the chicken ones before and I honestly believe that the alcohol in my stomach was the only thing that could sterilize such nasty food.

      I believe there is a great Taco cart that serves "authentic" mexi around somewhere but I forget the name and location... Great help I am eh? Anyone know what Im talking about?

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      1. re: Blind Mind

        I think you're thinking of Orale which is usually parked at a Citgo station on 27th Ave. just a few blocks north of the Dolphin Expressway.

      2. Try all up and down flagler & the push carts downtown during the week.