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Jan 3, 2002 11:08 AM

Guss Meats -- You go Harvey!

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Instead of feeding all the little Grubs traditional ham or turkey this Christmas, Mme Grubbe prepared a crown roast of pork, purchased at Harvey's Guss Meats. Succulently tender by God, beautifully Frenched by Harvey, and perfectly roasted by La Grubbe, this entree provided the centerpiece to a meal to remember.

16 chops at about $4 per pound ran approx $40. As Uncle Max says, "Woulda been a bargain at twice the price."

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  1. d
    Dylan Yolles

    A place this good cannot possibly continue to exist forever. This rule has always held in the past. But I agree, while it's around it's just a wonderful place without equal. I wish more of the high end restaurant suppliers would have the patience of dealing with the public (Surfa's is of course another great one, and also a place without which my life would be significantly worse).