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Royal Meat BBQ (Islington/Queensway)

Saw a mention of this on the board and coincidence I drove by it (avoiding rush hour traffic).

Went with a buddy of mine (last week), who like me, loves a good hearty European meal -- namely the Chevaps. Now, aside from homemade Chevaps made by friends' families', there is only one butcher in Ontario (based in Stoney Creek) that makes incredible Chevaps. We know of a place on Bloor West Village called The Woodhouse that carries them.

We ordered the Chevaps (1lb w/salad), it comes on a bun with toppings. I personally prefer my Chevaps with rice or potatoes.

Anyways, they were awesome! Juicy and flavourful! I didn't really eat them with the bun, but, separately from the bun. The salad was also good. Definite repeat!

They also carry burgers, steaks, chicken etc... but, for me, it's the Chevaps!

Just dropped by there today afterwork (approx. 5:15pm) and the place was busy! Good sign! Settled for take out -- just finished them and they were just as good as before!


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  1. They have coupons in the free Etobicoke advertising booklet that gets delivered to your mailbox in the Mimico area.

    1. We've eaten there twice now. For 3 adults, it's cost less than $30, so it is relatively cheap. I've had the Chevaps twice and have enjoyed them both times. My mother had the pork, and my husband the burger, and all were enjoyable. My mum usually takes half of her small portion and has it the next day for lunch. Both times we've gone on a Saturday night and it's been quite busy. None of us have ever had the big portion, as the small seems to be perfectly adequate for us.

      1. I've been there few times and realy enjoy it.
        My only real complaint with the chevals is they like to roll out of your bun.

        Oddly enough, after eating there Thursday, I found this thread looking for a chevals recipe. So if anyone has one.........


        1. Had the 1lb burger there today, I thought it was great. The lepinya bun was something different and amazingly fresh. I thought the meat could have used a little more seasoning of some sort but overall it was great.

          P.S. Davwud:


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            I've eaten here a few times now..

            I find their claim for "huge 1lb meal sized sandwiches" to be somewhat misleading..

            The Royal Burger is pretty big, that may POSSIBLY be 1lb, I've never had it surprisingly. But I have had the chicken sandwich and pork souvlaki a few times and they are quite small; definitely nowhere near 1lb. of food.

            Considering the sandwich alone is $9 before taxes, thats pretty harsh. Toppings arent exactly plentiful; I don't mind the cream-cheese spread sauce (Kaymak I think they call it) but I am not a fan of their house spread which is some kind of tomato-feta-pepper based spread.

            I also find it pretty remarkable they charge $4 for a small styrofoam container of "caesar salad" which is nothing more than the lettuce they use for your sandwich with some dressing and croutons on it. No cheese & bacon on the caesar is highly disappointing.

            Overall, It's pretty good food but not worth travelling out of your way for it like I did (after viewing their website)

            One look at the store and you can see exactly where your money is going; because the place looks like it costs a fortune while charging quite a premium for average-sized food..


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              I'm just there strictly for the chevaps

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                Prices are creeping up - salads are no longer the huge value they were. I really like the food and hope that this is in preparation of franchising. The pricing is becoming "normal" for Toronto but if it were more convenient to me, I wouldn't mind at all.

            2. Great concept, high quality, tasty fresh meat. Big portions, freshly baked bread. Tasty, tasty, tasty. The salads do disappoint, but who goes to a place like Royal Meat for the salad?

              1. Finally tried Royal Meat and was impressed overall by the slick high-tech menu and presentation, friendly service and clean fast-food atmosphere. The "butcher counter" is a fun way to choose your meal. The chevaps and burgers are made from exactly the same combination of pork and veal and seasoning, so don't fool yourself that they are different in any way other than shape. I found the chevaps a bit too salty/overseasoned but perfectly cooked. I want to go back to try the caragiorgio ($11) which is basically a huge pork pogo filled with cream cheese.

                1. Tried this place on Saturday night and was pretty impressed, we split the chevaps and the pork, both of which were huge and delicious. We also liked the bread, which was very fresh. The fries were great when fresh and hot, but they have to be eaten quickly since they got kind of eh as they cooled down. I didn't love the feta-roasted red pepper sauce, but that was just a personal preference issue, I'd imagine. The other sauce was excellent.

                  1. After hearing some raving reviews from others in the neighbourhood, I was anxious to try this place. But sadly, I was disappointed, and found it to be vastly overrated. Driving up, I was initially impressed with the decor and cleanliness of the place... until I made a visit to the ladies' room, where I was actually a bit disgusted - it didn't feel clean at all, and I always go by the principle "if the public spaces aren't clean, imagine what the back rooms are like". No soap to wash my hands, either! (And I'd say that's pretty important before you pick up a burger to eat it!).

                    I was completely disappointed by the burger - no one explained to me that it was not beef (I should note that the menu board was not working correctly, so perhaps if it had of been, I would have figured that out in advance?) - and so while I was eating it, I was trying to figure out why my hamburger had such a white-ish/pink-ish tinge to it. I only NOW understand that it was not beef after reading some of the other online reviews. I suspected it might have been pork, but how would I have known?

                    I was surprised to find that there is not an option to get cheese as a topping - but I did actually enjoy the sundried tomato and cream cheese spread. The bun was also quite nice. But I had a hard time enjoying the meal, considering my unclean hands, the mystery meat, and knowing the price we'd paid.

                    I won't be rushing back!

                    Royal Meat Bbq
                    710 Kipling Ave, Toronto, ON M8Z5G5, CA

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                      Yep, I agree, the place is overpriced and overrated. your burger was made of veal and pork which is blasphemy to me. No option for cheese or bacon is super lame too.

                      If I'm ever forced to eat there anymore, the only thing I'll order is the grilled chicken sandwich, which is nothing to write home about either.

                      Much better choices in that neighborhood. I won't be returning unless I have no choice.

                      1. re: duckdown

                        From what I recall they are pretty proud to let people know they have a veal/pork combo in both their burgers and chevaps. It's not everyone's preference but if they choose to do it that way it's entirely their choice.

                        Veal is lighter than regular beef which is part of the reason their cooked meat is lighter coloured, partial use of pork is another.... Again, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's how they choose to do it.

                        I still find it amazing that people don't know that veal is beef. I've never heard of an animal called veal.....

                      2. re: marydee

                        I have not heard good things about this place. Very much a "guy" place. Heard it was loud and overrated.