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Feb 15, 2008 04:10 PM

Best pizza in lower Mont. Co

My husband and I are bemoaning the fact that there aren't any really good places to get pizza in lower Montgomery County. We liked Giuseppe's in Rockville but were there recently and it was awful. We did enjoy the pizza at Mia's in Bethesda. But any recommendations in SS, Wheaton, Rockville?

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  1. Could you have been to Giuseppe's on a bad day? We go every few weeks, and I can't say I've noticed any changes there in years.

    Mia's is also good, though I wish they'd salt their crust a little more.

    Mama Lucia's in Rockville (Federal Plaza location ONLY) also makes a good pie. But avoid all the other locations like the plague.

    I lived in Wheaton years ago, and never found a place there or SS that I thought was worth going to a second time.

    1. We have been customers of Pines of Rome (Bethesda) for years, but lately it has been very uneven. It is the thin crust type of pizza we like, but in the past year or so, no matter how often or how emphatically we specify "crisp crust" or "well-baked" sometimes it is and sometimes not. They know us - we are regulars who for years were there nearly once a week. We haven't noticed a pattern, such as which night of the week (who is manning the ovens or how busy they are). We usually order very early in the evening, when it isn't too busy, specifically so they will have time to bake the pies thoroughly. And yet....even stranger, sometimes we get two pies if we are very hungry (and if we want cold pizza for breakfast) and one will be crisp and the other not.

      I wonder why it is so hard to make a good pie on a consistent basis. I read about 2 Amy's, Pizza Paradiso, Red Rocks - and it sounds as though all of them, despite the best ovens and highly acclaimed pizza makers - can't turn out consistently good pies. I'm not talking about personal preferences. I am always reading about how at even these Temples of Pizza, soggy and doughy pies are hitting the tables.

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        One of the best pizza is at Zio's Itailian Restaurant in Gaithersburg Md. They serve up a great Margherita pizza fresh marinated crushed tomatos, fresh basil and fresh Mozzerella cheese.They also have a wonderful Graeco pizza. Their dinners are excellent too. You have to try them

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          I don't consider myself a pizza expert by any stretch of the imagination but have you checked out ZPizza near the Town Square garage in downtown Silver Spring? It's a chain, I know, but they have an interesting array of toppings, delivery (limited) and send out coupons regularly. We do carry out mostly as I don't like the interior.

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            I'm glad to hear Zio's is still good. It was my favorite pizza when I worked in the area but I haven't been back in a very long time. The crust was very good, the sauce was excellent, and I especially liked their sausage and mushroom pie because they used very good quality Italian sausage. They also made excellent calzones as I recall.

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              Well I finally got to Zio's yesterday by happy accident and ordered a sausage and mushroom pie. Unbelieveably, the pie has not changed in 20 years! The chunky tomato sauce and quality sausage and cheese were very present on the slightly thick but crunchy and well textured crust. Be warned, this is not thin crust pizza ala Amy's, nor is it NY or Connecticut or Chicago style. It most closely resembles a central Jersey phenomenon that I enjoy if they can pull off the thicker crust (but not deep dish) without it being tough or cakey. They do. We enjoyed the leftovers tonight. It's across from the Mall on Shady Grove Road. I need to get back to see if the Calzones also held up...

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            ^^Instead of reading about 2amy's - you should go. It's worth the trip.

          3. My first choice is Mia's, but I also happen to like the Mamma Lucia's in SS. Zpizza ... I didn't care for.

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              Another vote for Mia's. Tried it for the first time last night. Absolutely fantastic. We had great, fresh salads (mine - arugula w/ pine nuts, pears and gorgonzola; his off the specials w/ oh heck I can't remember but both were excellent and very lightly dressed). An Alsace pizza w/ caramelized onions and pancetta and gruyere and thyme - the crust was perfection. Crisp and slightly chewy. Slightly charred. Unlike Sietsema, we didn't find it lacking in either salt or flavor. And the toppings were so good! The other was the Margherita - also absolutely fresh ingredients in perfect proportions. This was just a phenomenal meal, which my husband capped off with a pear/cranberry crisp - obviously homemade and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I had a taste and it was very, very good. The service was also fantastic - friendly, not at all rushed, just pitch-perfect. Total for the two salads, two pies, one dessert, and one cup of coffee - $49. Excellent value.

            2. Zero Pizza in Bethesda - tucked away next to Lousiana Express on Bethesda Avenue near the Giant.

              1. Italian Pines in Gaithersburg pizza and or white pizza is to die for. Thin crispy crust, light homemade sauce
                Zio's in Gaithersburg.. for their chicken calzones, spinach pizza is a fave.
                Mia's in Bethesda...Light, thin crispy crust, wood burning oven.
                Fontina Grill in King Farm...Love their personal pizza...Puttanesca is a fave.
                Giuseppes (sp) Rockville..good greasy pizza...
                Zero Pizza in Bethesda...Yummm!