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cheap catering for lunch in Mississauga (20 people)

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Any suggestions for a tight budget..besides a Subway platter??

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  1. Try Strano Catering at 40 Matheson Blvd West (in the basement of the CEC, across the street from Highland Farms).

    1. If you're interested in Chinese (Hakka Indian & Pakistani) try [Bao - Shin, 3066 Hurontario just N/O Dundas. 905-615- 0501], You will have to pick-up. Try the special combo plates such as Chili Beef/ egg fried rice ($8.50) etc. Portions are large and can be ordered with the amount of "heat" that suits you. We go there regularly with friends and always leave with a doggy bag.

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        I suspect burlgurl is looking to spend $100 or less for Lunch for 20.

        Am I correct?

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          My budget is around $150-$200...

      2. well you might consider similar to Subway but Great Canadian Bagel can put together an assortment of platters, reasonably priced and better than Subway, IMO.

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          Great Canadian Bagle makes a great turkey club :)