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Anything good in Valley Forge-King of Prussia???

Will be going to the antique show next week at the convention center and we are looking for a good place for dinner. Any ideas??? Thanks

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  1. Creed's Seafood & Steaks http://www.creedskop.com right up the street from the Convention Ctr

    Behind the King of Prussia Mall there's a Bahama Breeze, get's a bit nutty there on weekends though. Better chance at Creeds.

    Also check out http://www.generalwarren.com located about 15 mins south on Route 202 in Malvern

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      I most definitely agree with the recommendation of Creed's. However California Cafe in the mall can be very tasty as well. Depends on your palate.


    2. Try Bahama Breeze - they do call ahead seating. I went a few Saturday nights, and it wasn't really that bad of a wait. The food is pretty good -- the seafood risotto was absolutely delicious - and they have wonderful frozen drinks!

      1. http://www.desi-village.com/

        I had heard great things about Desi Village for years. I ate there once with my girlfriend and some of her friends two weeks ago. Buffet (in this case) or no buffet, it's the best Indian food I've had in the -- admittedly lacking -- Philadelphia Indian scene. I'd gladly hop a subway from South Philly to a KoP-bound bus to eat there again.

        Desi Village is perhaps the best thing I can say about suburbia, other than, "I don't live there."

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          About 10 or 15 minutes away in Phoenixville is a superb restaurant called Majolica.

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            man i still really want to try majolica!!! i hear only delicious things.

            lacking indian scene in phila? in the KoP area, you're right smack in the middle of it!!! hrm, that said, desi village was my least favorite of the bunch and the only one i won't be returning to, but we love all the others... a taste of india, chinnar, royal india, bawarchi, himalayan (in approximately that order)... all a modest drive from the convention center. all certainly low key.

            i wouldn't recommend bahama breeze. drinks are okay but the food? i dunno... only thing right by KoP mall i've heard good things about is california cafe, but i've never been myself.

            i ate at general warren's inne for dinner a few nights ago... not as good as i remembered. darn. got the lobster bisque - lots of spice but where was the lobster? had the lump crab appetizer... i remember having this last time, in a "picky fit" i asked them to hold the vinaigrette dressing. they offered cocktail sauce, lemon and butter on the side instead and it was EXCELLENT. i wish i'd done the same this time. in my opinion, vinaigrette just doesn't go well with crab. great crab, but not a good dish. darn. on to my fish, believe i got a monkfish over risotto... risotto was too heavy (as it usually is) for my tastes, but the fish was nice - simple, great crusty outside, really enjoyed that. for dessert i had a bananas foster which was yummy, but i think gave me about 6 cavities in one setting. :) that stuff really caramelizes. great ambiance with the fireplaces on a chilly night, but i'm really glad that one was a business dinner. i probably would have found it too expensive otherwise.

            though i'm directionally challenged, possibly someone can help me out - is norristown's taqueria la michoacana anywhere near the VF convention center? i think it would be close but the roads in that area still confuse me. that would be a fun, reasonably priced place that should appeal to everyone who likes mexican food! fairly authentic (methinks), tasty margaritas and pina coladas, friendly service, HOT salsas, good enchiladas, pretty inexpensive.

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              The Tacqueria is probably about 15 minutes away. Get onto 202 north and when you hit Main Street/Ridge Pike make a right. It will be on your left hand side about 2 miles up the road.

              I second your comment about Bahama Breeze. Food is mediocre and overpriced. I do like Champps, for what it is, and really like both Killdare's and the Fox & Hound, again for what they are.

              I really didn't care for California Kitchen, but like California Pizza Kitchen.

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              I think the drive time is a bit more than 10 minutes, though I whole heartedly endorse Majolica.

              I have eaten at California Cafe, and have enjoyed it. Nice by the glass wine selection. Ambience lacking, tables close together and can get crowded, but they do a credible job of the new californian style of food aka wolfgang puck.

              Re time to Norristown would be probably 20 minutes again, on 202. Traffic will effect total time.

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                finally, finally did california cafe! i was surprised that i really liked it! first thing i noticed is that service is absolutely top-notch - from the hostess to our waiter, everything was so professional (which is good, because this was a business lunch). yummy cornbread & oil for dipping. had a crabcake sandwich which i couldn't quite figure out how to eat, so i just ate it with a fork without bread. nice overall experience especially for a business function - a diverse menu to please my picky group. we'll definitely go back.

          2. If you like Chinese/Japanese, I really suggest Wild Rice - it's on 202 on the way to Norristown, in the same plaza as Marshalls. My husband and I lived in KoP for three years and that is one of our favorites.

            1. Just returned from the General Warren Inn and we weren't disappointed. Skipped apps to save room for dessert. Candi had the lamb chops and I went for beef wellington, both prepared perfectly and hot. for dessert, we went for banana's foster for two prepared tableside. We enjoyed it very much. Service was first rate and will return duing our visit to Blobfest in July. Thanks Chowhounds...

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                thanks for reporting back! yeah that bananas foster (which they were kind enough to prepare for one upon my 'pretty please' request) was a table favorite... ordered it for me, but ended up sharing with everyone!

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                  Hi again
                  Just a note to say we ate at the General Warren Inn once more and it was as good as before. They offer a prix fixe dinner for $32 each that includes apps, entre and desert. for $165 total, they offer the prix fixe dinner, a night at their inn and breakfast the next morning (for 2). They are slower during the summer. We were there on Sat. Nite and there were empty tables! A far cry from February.

                  1. re: ptcandy

                    general warren is def. a winter place and not a summer place and i'm not sure why. likely the creamy soups, heavy food, fireplaces and cozy atmosphere. i never even think to book business dinners (what i usually use them for) in the summer - we usually do nectar in warmer months. instinct i guess? thanks for reporting back!!

                    1. re: rabidog

                      Nothing light about Gen. Warren. The entire Main Line gets pretty dead in the summer, especially on weekends.

              2. By all means steer clear of Bahama Breeze--unless you're 17. Creeds is by and large a classic and reliable steakhouse. You might consider Legal Seafood in KOP mall, if you like seafood and can deal with mall crowds; more positives than negatives.

                1. How about lunch in the area? I have to go to a meeting at the Raddison in Valley Forge mid august. I avoid chains like the plague

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                    how much time do you have for the lunch? You should try Black Lab Bistro in Phoenixville- I find the dinners inconsistent, but have always had wonderful lunches. Classic Diner in Frazer is great option, but a little more of a drive. If you want inexpensive great mexican, there's Los Mariachis, but it's a "hole in the wall" atmosphere.

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                      I have an hour and a half (11:30 - 1:00). Holes in the wall are fine if the food is good!

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                        If you do enjoy Mexican, then you should try it- authentic style, they speak so-so English. Enchiladas de Mole are my favorite there. If not, give some details on the type of cuisine you want- as most of KOP are chains!

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                          I do enjoy good mexican ( I live by the Italian Market and have been very lucky to get a ton of authentic spots there recently). Otherwise, I eat all cuisines, trying to be seasonal, local and humane (free range, grass fed, wild not farmed) as much as possible (strike one for chains). Mostly just looking for fresh and well prepared

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                            of course a really good slice of pizza, etc can be fresh and well prepared!!! Lunch shouldn't be too precious!

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                              If you like sauce on the sweeter side, Franzones has great pizza!
                              After reading your recent post though, you might want to take a ride for lunch to Kimberton Whole Foods (Kimberton Rd/off 113-(NOT part of Whole Foods chain). they have a small eating area- homemade soups are great! Other food looks good too, I just always go for the soups.

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                            If you have an hour and a half and don't mind a hole in the wall, drive to Benny LaRoma's BarBQue USA. From the KOP mall it's about a 20-minute drive.

                            Here's the Chowhound thread about it


                            You won't be disappointed.

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                              ooh, two holes in the wall for you:

                              a taste of india in the gateway shopping center just down 202
                              royal india near the intersection of rtes 29 and 30

                              both are wonderful indian buffets! i'd give a taste of india the edge on food, but royal india has the better ambiance. better than any buffets in the city, that's for sure!

                              1. re: rabidog

                                recently I must say we've been going to Chinnar more than ATOI. Chinnar has been fresh & great lately, and it includes drinks for less $ than ATOI. So, if you enjoy Indian, it's another option- can't go wrong with either.

                            2. re: pamd

                              I second the Black Lab recommendation.

                              Where are Los Mariachis and Enchiladas de Mole por favor?

                              1. re: PattiCakes

                                Los Mariachis is on Gay Street in Phoenixville (enchiladas de mole is a dish served there)