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Feb 15, 2008 03:36 PM

Wilson Review

Took my girlfriend to Wilson in Culver City for Valentines dinner, and I had very high expectations. They were not fulfilled. Everything was incredibly salty, which I interpret as an inept chef at the helm. Appetizers were French onion soup and scallops. The soup was tasty, and the seared scallops were in a fine cream glaze but were so salty I was underwhelmed. I had the Lamb Risotto main course, and we joked that I had instead got Lambuger Helper for dinner. That's really what it was. No Joke. It had the consistency of thickened pudding and I could not even taste the lamb itself, since the lamb was masked in tons of cheese, salt, and marinara. My girlfriend had a sausage tagliatelle that was completely unremarkable and salty. We didn't even get dessert because they sounded so horrible and they tried to charge us for 2 bottles of wine when we only had 1 bottle. What a bummer. I will not return, and I predict w swift demise.

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