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Feb 15, 2008 03:17 PM

Winter Park, Sunday dining

Any recommendations for dining in Winter Park, Florida on a Sunday? My husband and I will be in town for just one day. Preferences: seafood, italian, sushi. No chain restaurants please.


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  1. If I only had a day in Winter Park, I'd go to Park Plaza Gardens (, followed by a stroll down Park Avenue for some window shopping, stopping at Williams-Sonoma of course, and a walk through Central Park (don't miss the rose garden very close to the Park Plaza Gardens restaurant). If you have time, visit the Morse Museum ( at the northern end of Park Avenue.

    1. There's a wonderful Turkish restaurant called Bosphorous. It may well have the best food on Park Avenue.

      1. I agree with rudykins, I'd much rather eat at Bosphorus than Park Plaza Gardens. I think that PPG is overrated. The menu selections (to me at least) are stale, and their food is ho-hum. I much prefer 310 Park South (which is right across the road) - they have a very good salmon wrap - or Spice (which is also right across the road). However, I really like Bosphorus too.

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          Have you been to PPG lately? There's a new chef in town; we had a delightful dinner there a couple weeks ago. Reviewed in today's Orlando Sentinel --

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            Thanks for all the replies. Re: Bosphorus, we really don't eat meat and would be concerned about that in a Turkish restaurant. Any thoughts?

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              I am assuming that you're vegetarian when you say that you don't eat meat.... The odd thing is that I would still suggest Bosphorus over the others; they have some great veggie dishes on the menu. I tend to order lamb when I'm there, and it's good, but I'm really into the side dishes ( red cabbage, red onion and parsley salad, and carrots and rice - sounds boring, but I love the way the dressing enhances the flavors of each veg). I could happily just eat the sides for my meal alone. Also, I've had the falafel appetizer, and it's very good. I've no doubt that the veggie entrees are good too.

              Check out their menu:

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                I love meat, yet at Bosphorous I usually order a spinach and cheese dish that's in a boat-shaped pastry shell. It's delicious. Plus, most of the appetizers are veggie and they're ample enough to eat as a meal if you order bread with it. Nearby, in Hannibal Square, Chez Vincent offers an upscale Sunday brunch, and Dexter's has a casual brunch, possibly with jazz. (Dexter's food isn't great but the atmosphere is lively.)

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                  Luma! I forgot all about it. It's stylish, it's in the heart of Park Avneue, and the food is terrifiic--progressive American cuisine.

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                    Luma is honestly my favorite restaurant in town, and the service is much better than Bosphorus. The only reason I didn't suggest it in this context is because I don't think they offer many truly vegetarian options. If they eat fish, then I completely agree with rudykins, because I think their seafood offerings are really the highlight of the menu.

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                  Oooh...the menu looks great. What a great suggestion!