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Feb 15, 2008 03:00 PM

What to have at Rosemary's in Vegas?

We have reservations for dinner at Rosemary's in Vegas this Monday. We've not been and are really looking forward to our first visit. What are your favorites? Do they have specials in addition to the online menu? Are the wines suggested with the menu items available by the glass?
Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. For starters, salmon tartare, beet salad with arugula and St. Andre cheese, beef carpaccio. For mains, scallops (incredible!), brick chicken, halibut, flatiron steak. They have specials every day. On Wednesday this week they had a tortellini with crab and goat cheese for an appetizer special, and it was fabulous. I think the wines listed with each dish are by the glass, otherwise it wouldn't make sense, but we don't usually do that. Really, whatever you have, you will be very happy. Someone next to us had the barramundi and it looked really good, as did someone else's pork chop which looked huge and tender. The food there tends be on the rich side, so pace yourself.

    1. I have been there many times and absolutely love it! You can't go wrong with anything but I would suggest going with the prix fix menu. that way you get to try several different things, but like Debbie W said... Pace yourself! I usually dine solo and just talk with the sommelier to figure out the wine pairings! My favorite item on the menu is Hugos bbq shrimp with Bleu Cheese Slaw. I am happy to see another Wisconsinite discovering this gem of a restaurant! Have Fun and let me know what you think!

      1. Their arugula salad is very good with crispy chickpeas a pleasant surprise. We recently had the rack of lamb which was very well executed. Their menu is fairly strong across the board with their BBQ Shrimp and Bleu Cheese Slaw a great appetizer.

        By the way, they also do take out and do a good job of packaging everything well. You pick it up at the bar which is just to the right as you enter.

        1. I'm a big fan of the carpaccio with arugula and balsamic drizzle. I also like the BBQ shrimp but not as much as some on here preach. The menu at Rosemary's is highly creole influenced so take that into account. I've never had a beef preparation there that has been sub par. The lemon icebox pie is outstanding if it's on the menu.

          You really can't go wrong, though. Most all of the dishes are superb.

          1. Plenty of spot on recs, but what the hey, here's a few more:

            My fave salad is the wilted spinach.

            The fish dishes are also stand out... the Crispy Skinned Striped Bass and Halibut LIndquist are both superb.

            And if you are a party of 2, a good strategy is to do the prix fixe sharing appy and dessert and each getting soup or salad and an entree.