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Feb 15, 2008 02:39 PM

Boiled bagels in B'ham?

I had a catered breakfast this morning from a "deli" here in Birmingham. The bagel was, to say the least, very disappointing. Essentially it was round Wonderbread with a hole in the middle. I'd love to find a great Jewish deli where great pride is taken in the making of a real boiled bagel. Can anyone help?

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  1. Was it a bagel from Browdy's? That the only Jewish deli here. There's also Crestline Bagel, but I don't know if it's an authentic boiled bagel. It's probably the best place, though.

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      It was from a place called Chappy's Deli. I have no idea what the rest of their food or menu is like, but this bagel came straight out of a plastic bag.

      I'll try Browdy's or Crestline Bagel.