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Inner Beauty Hot Sauce recipe?

I used to be able to order Inner Beauty Hot Sauce from a distributor in boston ( I live in Canada). It was from a recipe developed by Chef Chris Schlesinger.

It is no longer available (except maybe at his \restaurant). Can anyone help? I love it and in return will post the Pasta From Hell recipe that came with it.

With hopeful anticipation ---

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    1. re: soypower

      Dear soypower-

      Tried those but the 1 cup of prepared mustard cannot be part of the recipe, unless Canadian Ballp[ark Mustard is radically differnnt from what you have. What I made was awwwful!

      Thank you though, so much. If I ever get a reasonable facsimile, would you like me to send you the specifics?

      Miss C.

    2. And as you can see, I am a very bad typist.

      1. I'd go with this recipe: http://www.seriouseats.com/required_e...

        I tried it and it was a bit too mustardy (I actually used a bit more than a cup which was a mistake). I'm going to try it again in a couple days with a bit less mustard. Also, I'd substitute a mango for the papaya juice and just cut up the mango in chunks and put it in the blender.

        Here's a thread on this on another board: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?s...

        Also, can you find out if you can still get the sauce at that restaurant? If so, I'd definitely want to give them a call. Thanks.

        1. Heavens. I am eating leftover grilled chicken marinated in a cup of my own Inner Beauty, lime juice and a bunch of cilantro as I read this!

          The one posted by soypower on pepperfool is the one from his cookbook, Big Flavors of the Hot Sun.

          I have made both that recipe and the one posted by Taylor.Watson on Serious Eats. To my taste (living in Boston and enjoying Inner Beauty for many years) the former tastes a bit more true. The oil in the second one is questionable in my mind.

          Cheap yellow mustard is in fact the base for the sauce. Think French's. It might be your mustard or you might try experimenting with the quantity. But even with the amount of mustard stated in either recipe, you should have come up with something that tasted pretty close to the original.

          And sadly, it's not even sold at ECG anymore.

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          1. re: C. Hamster

            I also thought the oil was a questionable move, but figured that since the recipe from the Serious Eats website literally has a picture of his handwritten recipe, that's gotta be it. Saying that, the recipe I made, which was pretty much exactly that with a mango instead of papaya juice, definitely wasn't exactly like the Inner Beauty that I love and remember from many years ago. I figured it was the mustard... Anyways, I think I'll make it again today so I'll go with the pepperfool recipe and post any results. I really shouldn't use a bit or OJ and/or honey and/or pineapple juice? Oh well, I'll figure it out.

          2. Dear Taylor and C. Hamster

            Thank you for your suggestions - I am going to try again , probably both versions.
            I did use Fench's Mustard the time I tried but perhaps mis-measured.

            Taylor, I don't know if the sauce is available in the restaurant with dishes they prepare, but I do not think it is for sale unless they have relented since i called around the time I was beginning my experiment.

            I did check the gullet blog, and I should let the writer know that there are ,in fact, two existing bottles of the Real Inner Beauty Sauce - the other being in Canada.

            Miss Clawdy

            1. Another option you might want to consider is buying a bottle of Rasta Fire. The flavor profile is very similar to Inner Beauty's, and the hassle factor is zero.

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              1. re: alanbarnes

                I got Rasta Fire myself, and enjoyed it, but it definitely was not nearly as hot as Inner Beauty once was. There are similarities but it's just not near enough. The other sauce I got when trying to find a comparable sauce to Innear Beauty was Lottie's Yellow. It's definitely no replica of Inner Beauty, but it is a really, really good hot sauce. My favorite as of right now.

                1. re: Taylor.Watson

                  Definitely agreed that Rasta Fire has a little less, uh, fire than Inner Beauty. But it has the same kind of mustardy scorching flavor. Maybe adding a drop or two of Pure Cap to the Rasta Fire would do the trick?


                  1. re: alanbarnes

                    Agreed. Have never heard of Pure Cap by the way. I may have to give that a try.

              2. Mo Hotta Mo Betta is one of my favorite sources for hot sauce. They also say Inner Beauty is out of stock but they give some alternatives. Maybe one will work for you.


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                1. re: FlyerFan

                  Mo Hotta is a good website as is Firgirl, which also gives some alternatives: http://www.firegirl.com/hs1289h.html .

                  I've tried all but Backdraft and Lost Woods. 911 is a waste of time but all the others are pretty good. Like I said before, give Lottie's Yellow a shot. It's really great. If you do get it, get it from Mo Hotta though, where it is cheaper.

                  1. re: Taylor.Watson

                    Thank you Taylor.

                    I have ordered Lottie's yellow and a bottle of Pure Cap from Mo Hotta.

                    I want to make the Pasta I used to make from a recipe that came along with the first bottles of I.B. that I ever ordered - Fettucine, Asiago Cheese, coriander, fresh orange juice and not-too ripe bananas. Odd combination, but so good.

                    I have hoarded two bottles of Inner Beauty - I may break down soon and live for the moment.

                    The memory of this sauce may end up with a cult following.

                    1. re: missclawdy

                      Let me know what you think of Lottie's. Also, is Pure Cap worth getting? I may check it out.

                      I'm jealous of your Inner Beauty by the way. I've now tried to make the sauce twice, and although I am a big fan of both the sauces I made, it just isn't the same...

                      1. re: Taylor.Watson

                        The sauces just arrived and I will let you know .

                        I am just going to a very busy wedding season - I am a Caterer - so probably won't do a lot of experimenting for awhile.

                        There is a recipe for Chef Schlesinger's Pasta From Hell posted on The Internet that calls for hot peppers OR Inner Beauty. Along with the sauce, it is the bananas and the cheese with the coriander that make it so interesting. The recipe on the Internet calls for Parmesan but the recipe I was sent used Asiago. (Manchego would be excellent too). This recipe is certainly not to everyone's taste, but I like it.

                        Thanks for all your help.

                2. Chris Schlesinger's original Pasta From Hell recipe as published in The Thrill of the Grill did not use any bottled sauce, it was flavored with several fruits (banana, orange, pineapple, lime) and fresh habaƱero or scotch bonnet peppers.

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                  1. re: BobB


                    I have two of his cookbooks but not Thrill---. I googled Pasta from hell and it seems that Inner beauty can be used as a substitute for the hot peppers called for.

                    I am going to try that recipe though.

                    Thanks for the information.


                    1. re: missclawdy

                      I just stumbled onto this while missing Inner Beauty. I wonder if the mustard discussion stems from confusion between Inner Beauty Hot Sauce and Real Hot Sauce. The former is very mustardy (is that a word?) and tastes to me like Rasta Fire. The latter - Real Hot - is not as mustardy and is the one with the label: "...keep away from children, pets, and bad advice..., etc."

                      In any case I will be trying some of these recipes. Thanks

                      1. re: bruno14

                        Thanks - that may explain everything. I am going to try the posted recipe for Inner Beauty but cut down on the mustard to see if I can replicate the Real Hot Sauce.

                        1. re: bruno14

                          FWIW (which might be 'not at all') when I'm at the East Coast Grill usually the menus call the hot sauce "real inner beauty hot sauce" or something like that (I bring it up due to both using the word 'real' and 'inner beauty')

                    2. I plan to make a version of this


                      just because I have about 20 left over habaneros from a pineapple jam project-- the peppers were hotter than I expected (I've made the jam before) and I kept having to add more pineapple and sugar to tone it down. So I've got lots of extra peppers.

                      I do plan to use up *one* pepper on this salsa recipe for shrimp:


                      But my question is, which may sound silly: what do people actually do with this hot sauce? I'm not a hot sauce fanatic, so am looking for some ideas.

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                      1. re: DGresh


                        I use the sauce in a Pasta recipe that was sent the first time I ordered Inner Beauty. The other ingredients include orange juice (fresh), chopped bananas, Asiago Cheese and Coriander. Sounds odd, but it is really good.

                        Your pineapple jam sounds amazing. Is the recipe on the Internet?

                      2. I just found and made this Inner Beauty cooked version that I found online, and was quite pleased with the results: http://recipes.egullet.org/showrecipe...
                        I used apple cider vinegar in place of the white vinegar, and rice vinegar in place of palm vinegar. I also put the chopped mango and habaneros (seeds & all) in the food processor first thing, and added the resulting smooth paste to the other ingredients before cooking it on the stove. The sauce is delicious, and I think very close to the "real thing".

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                        1. re: MamaJeep

                          I was first introduced to this sauce at the Cambridge Brewing Company where they used it in their version of "Pasta From Hell". I tried the recipe above over last weekend and used white wine vinegar in place of palm. It was close, but overall more vinegary than the original. And darker than I remember. Would love to know if anyone has found a dead-on version. (Btw, I used French's yellow mustard.)

                          1. re: MamaJeep

                            Thank you-I will let you know when I try this version.