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Feb 15, 2008 01:50 PM

Hood River rec's update?

Going to do some wine tasting on Sunday, and the Hood River restaurant recs seem to be a bit dated. Any updates?


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  1. Curiosity hits...which wineries will you be visiting? If you haven't been before my favorites were Cathedral Ridge and Phelps Creek on the Oregon side and COR cellars and Syncline on the Washington side. (Of course Maryhill too depending on which direction you are coming from and how far you are wanting to travel)

    Now to answer your question~

    Brian's Pourhouse was an excellent treat when I was there last summer~
    Save room for dessert and try the Pear Cobbler!

    Another great meal I had was across the bridge in Bingen at the Solstice Cafe
    We had a woodfire pizza with a Syncline Mourvedre there and after that, stopping at Syncline was a must.

    Also~ Panzanella (102 5th St) is a great Artisan Bakery/ Italian Deli in Hood River. My friend and I stopped in and picked up some bread and cheese to take with us for nibbling between wineries.

    Would love to hear back on where you went. August was my first visit to Hood River and I can't wait to get back!

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      As it happens, we are going to all of your favorites, except for Phelps Creek - which we will now add. OUR favorite is Waving Tree; we find Maryhill to be overrated. As time permits, we are also going to The Pines, Quenett, and Pheasant Valley. Power tasting. Hope I don't now get kicked off this board for mentioning wine.

      As to food, thanks for the info. Solstice Cafe sounds perfect for our itinerary.

      1. re: Steve K

        lol~ Please update upon your return! FYI there is also a nice little wine shop in Bingen~ opposite side of the street from Solstice, but I don't recall then name~

        1. re: washingtonred

          I'm with you, Steve, on Maryhill. Have you checked out Cascade Cliffs? They make their living selling to restaurants in Seattle, so are a little unknown, but I think they're worth a stop.

          We've had good nontraditional pizza at the Walking Man brewpub.

          1. re: Vetter

            Cascade Cliffs is our second stop, after Waving Tree. We shall see......

            Thanks for the Walking Man rec. There or Solstice, it sounds like nontraditional pizza for lunch.......