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Feb 15, 2008 01:48 PM

Ten Tables disappointment. My fault?

My husband's birthday is February 14, so we celebrate his birthday, not Valentine's Day. I wanted to take him somewhere special. Ten Tables seemed to fit the bill nicely, and their menus had some of his favorite foods, so I made a reservation.
We showed up last night only to be handed a prix fixe menu, and none of the foods that we had been looking forward to were on it. Don't get me wrong: the food was good, but it wasn't what we were expecting. It certainly wasn't what we would have ordered if we had been able to order from the full menu. When I called to make the reservation, I was never told that there would be a shorter fixed price menu, even when I mentioned that we were coming for my husband's birthday and not Valentine's Day. Also, we had been monitoring their website (which I thought was kept current) and I didn't see anything about a special menu for February 14. If I had known, I would have made a reservation for a different night, when we could have ordered the foods we truly love, or at least had a larger number of choices.
So, was I wrong to assume that it would be business as usual unless told otherwise? I would have guessed that a special menu would have been posted on their website, or that I would have at least been informed when I made the reservation. Maybe this is naive on my part.
Also, how common (or uncommon) are prix fixe menus on Valentine's Day in Boston? This is the first upscale restaurant that I have ever been to with a special Valentine's prix fixe menu (and we go out every year on February 14 to a special restaurant), so it seems very unusual to me. However, we have only lived in Boston for a year, so maybe it is more common here?

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  1. 's funny...we had *exactly* the same experience last year. we went out for a nice dinner for a non-valentine's day reason on valentine's day, and were given only a prix fixe option that we weren't expecting. and that was much more expensive than i think what we were counting on (ISTR it was a wed, their usual $25 3 course meal). plus there was nothing on the menu my gf wanted to eat. fortunately, the kitchen was able to whip up a wonderful risotto for her, and i enjoyed my meal, even if it was a lot more than i wanted to pay and was not what i was expecting. so 10 tables remains one of my fav's in boston, but they could do a better job of warning people when they're mixing it up.

    as to the general valentine's day prix fixe thing, i have no idea. i hate it that we happen to also have a celebratory date on the 14th since i hate valentine's day.

    1. Yep, it's a drag to expect the full menu and get some crappy prix fixe.

      When dining out on any of the special restaurant Big Nights Out that draw inordinate crowds (certainly New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day), I always ask about the menu, since so many fine-dining places do prix fixe menus. Many restaurants don't do a good job of keeping their websites up to the minute, so I don't rely on those, either.

      1. they were wrong. i'd send them a note.

        1. You should have been told. In their defense, had you shown up and milked a table for 2 hours to have an app and share an entree, that would have been unfair to them.But, nobody knows in advance.Moral of the story-It's a lousy night to go out.

          1. That *is* disappointing. I agree that they should have told you when you made the reservation that they were serving a special menu, especially when you mentioned that it was a birthday dinner. I had noticed myself that they had nothing on their website about a Valentine's Day menu, but have also learned that they do NOT update the website very often at all.

            I hope that you'll give them another chance, though - it's a lovely restaurant.