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Feb 15, 2008 01:34 PM

Cosmic Cafe burned down???

Is there any truth to that? My friend told me last night that it is boarded up, closed, and appears to have burned. Does anyone out there know? I was there just last week. Love it there.
One of the best vegetarian options in Dallas, for sure.

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  1. That's the word on the street. Don't know how/why. So bummed! Where to go in the meantime for vegetarian?

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      1. DMN Eats Blog reported today that no one is answering the phone, doors still closed, no news on when they might re-open.

        1. Just saw this in an email from the Dallas Observer:

          Thanking the Dallas Fire Department for saving us! We shall return in just a few weeks. Please be patient, meditate and rejoice.
          Cosmic Cafe Vegetarian