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I'm looking for a good butcher in my general area in San Francisco. I do most of my general grocery shopping at a places that aren't particularly strong in the meat department. The more affordable the better, of course. If I could find one in the Inner Sunset, Cole Valley,or Haight neighborhoods, that would be ideal. Any suggestions?

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  1. I live in Cole Valley and I like the quality at
    Bryan's Meats
    in Laurel Heights

    Falletti Foods is good- on Broderick near panhandle

    If you can hit the Farmers market Marin Sun Farms who is at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market on Saturdays is good.

    1. There was just a thread about this on Wednesday http://www.chowhound.com/topics/489359

      1. Guerra Meats located in the inner Sunset on Taraval / 17th ave is a favorite of mine when I want nice cuts of meat. They are run by an Italian family and feature some great Italian pantry items as well.