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Feb 15, 2008 01:28 PM

Quick: Suggestions for outdoor lunch dining in downtown St. Pete?

What are your favorite spots in downtown St. Pete for a leisurely Saturday outdoor lunch? Thanks for your help!

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  1. We really like both Bella Brava and the Parkshore Grill. Parkshore has a better view, if that matters to you.

    A leisurely outdoor lunch on a beautiful Saturday afternoon! I think you just inspired me!

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    1. re: debbed

      Thanks, Debbed. I was thinking about both of these actually, as well as Moon Under Water. I think we're gonna opt for Parkshore Grill. Great people watching right there, plus some good gelato right next store. . . . Maybe we'll see you there!

      1. re: laurie

        We have always liked Moon Under Water, but I've heard so many other people complain about bad experiences that we stopped going there, and I hesitate to recommend it. We'll have to get back there soon and see for ourselves.

        Be sure to mosey over to the Saturday morning market on Central while you're downtown. Lots of cool stuff , and an abundance of organic produce (not all of it is organic, but it can be found.) Good baked goods,too. Live music and a fun vibe.

        Probably won't see us, though. My DH liked the lunch idea, but, as usual, wants to stay on the beach! And that's not such a bad thing!

        1. re: debbed

          Hmmm, I hadn't heard of the bad experiences at Moon Under Water. Could you elaborate? I'm really leaning toward it, since it's right across from the park and it's outdoor patio has so much ambience. Parkshore Grill's lunch menu is a little on the boring side, too. . . .

          1. re: laurie

            Sorry, Laurie,I didn't get back here to reply before your lunch. Basically, some friends who had been regulars at MUW had repeated bad service visits, so we just kind of "took it off the list", despite the fact that we had never had a bad experience.

            So.where did you end up? How was it ? :)

    2. I'm not from St. Pete, but been there a few times. I've always liked The Garden (I think that's what it's called) for lunch. The seating isn't on the sidewalk or street, but rather in the small garden space adjoining the restaurant. I've never really heard this place talked up on Chowhound, but I've always enjoyed it when I was in St. Pete.

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        We just got back to from a trip to St. Pete and agreed that the best meal we had was at Savannah's on Central near 11th. It is sort of upscale southern - decent ingredients, very tasty and even some nice wines. Noisy inside, but I do believe they had a patio for outside dining.

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          yeah the Garden is nice and rustic. at night during the weekends its good for people watching. personally, im happy just to go to the saturday market, grab some food from a vendor, and sit and watch the band play as people go by.

        2. Thanks, everyone! I had actually taken this same friend and her husband to Savannah the last time they were in town, and she loved it. This time I gave her a choice among the ones discussed on the board, and she opted for Moon Under Water. We had a very nice, long, leisurely lunch after walking through the Saturday Morning Market. The weather was perfect and the people watching excellent from their sidewalk cafe. Their wide selection of beers on tap was a hit, as well. She grew up in St. Pete but has been away for many years, and was amazed by the downtown's transformation. Downtown St. Pete keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?!

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          1. re: laurie

            Glad to hear that you enjoyed your lunch!

            And I completely agree about downtown St Pete! A few years ago, we only went downtown when we Had To. Now, we go all the time!