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Feb 15, 2008 01:27 PM

special dinner in Brooklyn, Sunday Night

Hi Hounds,
After three years, my wife and I are moving back to Brooklyn this weekend. To celebrate, I'd like to take her for a special dinner on Sunday night. When we used to live here, our favorite spots were Applewood, Rosewater, and Al di la. I don't think Applewood is open on Sunday nights, and I'd rather not wait for a table at Al di La. Where else would you recommend going?


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    1. I am a real fan of Garden Café on Vanderbilt Ave. in Prospect heights. 11 tables, small menu, wine licence only. Husband in kitchen, wife out front. Wonderful service, supurb food. A very special place that has lasted over 20 years.

      Garden Cafe
      620 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

      1. Saul in Carroll Gardens is where I like to go for any special occasion. I've never been disappointed!

        1. Convivium...a real gem and way underated.

          1. Po on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens
            Or Chestnut across the street.
            Sauls a good suggestions as well.