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Feb 15, 2008 12:58 PM

Little Chief Smokers?

I'm looking for instructions on smoking pork ribs and finishing on a grill. How long do I smoke and would Apple wood be good? Thanks...

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  1. Assuming you have a grill with a lid on it, I would get a good fire going with charcoal. Try not to use lighter fluid it can bring a bad taste to the meat. Push the hot coals to one side and use either hickory or oak wood chunks. Dry season your ribs to your liking. I like to coat the top with a little dijon mustard and of apple cider vinegar from a spray bottle. Wrap them in some foil with just the bottom opened a little(bone side). Put them on the side of the grill with no coals underneath. Fire should not be too hot. Cover the grill with vent open. If fire is too hot you can wedge something under the lid to let some heat escape. The smoke will build up inside and soon come out of the vents. This is where it starts. Keep your temperature constant and you may have to add more wood every 1/2 hr. or so. Keep smoking for abou 2 hrs. and check under the foil. When the bone starts protruding you can remove the foil. Fire should not be too hot so now you can continue the last hr. of smoking w/o foil. If they appear to be dry on the outside spray with apple cider vinegar. That will keep them moist and the acid from the vinegar helps tenderize and melt connecting tissue. Don't be in a hurry and don't get too distracted(or drunk). I don't like much sauce so I save that for dipping. The sugar from the sauce applied to ribs during heat tends to leave a bitter taste. Have fun and let me know how it goes.

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      I thank you for your reply but I'm using a electric "Little Chief" smoker. After I smoke the ribs I will finish on a gas grill. Thanks...

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        You make smoked meat like I did. Recently I have gotten a double barrel (on it sides) with indirect heat than have given me better results (adding charcoal and wood chips as need). The charcaol topped with soaked (a mixture of wine, apple juice and water) apple wood chips supply enough heat to slow cook meat (mostly pork) over serveeral hours with a deep smoke flavor. I finish off the meat on a gas grill for the char effect. One a few minutes on the gas grill.

    2. Apple is ok, I prefer hickory. Or you can mix two or more woods. Remove the silver skin from the back of the slab of ribs. Smear a dry rub of your choice all over the ribs and let them sit overnight in the frig wrapped in saran wrap. Bring up to room temp and then smoke at 225 degrees until the meat has pulled back from the bones at the top of the slab by about 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch. This will take several hours. You don't need to have the sawdust typically used in your smoker going the whole time. Maybe for just the first half hour to hour. It is very easy to overdue the smoking and you end up with a bitter product. If you want to finish the ribs on the grill as I often do, get the temperature up to about a steady 350-400 degrees and place the ribs on the grill. If you can, put the ribs in the center of the grill with coals or burners lit on both ends. In other words, avoid placing the ribs directly over the fire if you can. I do not turn the ribs while on the grill. Coat the exposed side of the ribs with a BBQ sauce you like to glaze them. Depending on how much meat you're cooking and its temperature when you start, it will take anywhere from a half an hour to an hour on the grill. As you can see, everyone has a different method and you will probably end up doing something slightly different from what you will read on this thread. Experiment until you get a product that suits you taste. Good luck.

      1. I would smoke for four to six hours in the Little Chief, changing the wood in the little pan four times. Note that cooler outdoor temps make for a longer smoking time in this little smoker. As far as wood, I prefer mesquite or hickory, but apple would be good as well. I'm smoking some Atlantic salmon in mine as I type.