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Feb 15, 2008 12:48 PM

New Mexican Restaurant in Worcester?

I don't live in Worcester but will be there this week. I heard there is a new mexican restaurant on shrewsbury street that is very good and always mobbed. First, has anyone eaten there and is it as good as I've heard? Second, what is the name of it, so I can make a reservation if the food is good?

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  1. Mezcal, I've heard the guacamole is very good but I've read reviews that were good and bad. haven't tried yet but did have a drink or two. give it a shot i'd love to hear some more feedaback.

    1. We went to Mezcal a couple of weeks after it opened. The guac was good, and my top-shelf margarita was fantastic. Probably the best I've ever had. The apps were good too - some really tasty mini burgers (not exactly Mexican, but with a little kick) and I think we had some decent taquitos. The main dishes were really disappointingly bland. I had a very dull chile relleno and my husband had a boring enchilada. Just really not great, especially for the money. The atmosphere was nice though, and with enough tequila you might not notice how meh the food is.

      If you're looking for decent Mexican in the area, you might want to try Cancun's on 122 in Grafton. We've really enjoyed every meal there, and the margaritas are good (just not quite AS good.)

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          Thanks for all of the fine infor about his place. I'm not so sure about it now--I'll have my son with me, too (he's nine), and we are looking forward to good mexican food (the last time we ate really good Mexican was when we were in California in Novemeber). Maybe Cancun's would be a better choice. We'll see and I'll post again if I go with my review to add to the one's at the above link!

          1. re: liveforfood

            Just want to offer my feedback after having eaten at Mezcal a couple of weeks ago, I must say I concur with uncle rico and eatin in woosta. Guacamole was delicious--I ended up eating way too much of this. The chips were good, too, as was the salsa. BUT the main dishes were very disappointing. I ordered the roast chicken with mole. The chicken was prepared very plainly, and it seemed it was first coated in a "shake n bake"-like substance before roasting. Then it was set on a plate on top of some mole sauce, that was tasty, but not great, and rather sparce given that it was for an entire half-chicken. The other adult with me that night ordered a shrimp dish that was really unremarkable--kind of in a tomato sauce, but nothgin special. The portions were large, though, sides and all. My son and nephew, both young boys, were with me, too, and they were happy with the burritos. It was a good place for them, for sure. I am not a tequilla connoisseur (and I take issue with using expensive liquor of any kind to mix with lime juice), but the list of tequillas on the menu was quite extensive--huge, really. I did drink a coulpe of margaritas. The first was too sweet for me, so on the second drink, I asked them to go a little heavier on the lime vs. the sweet mix, and it was somewhat improved, though still not great. It is a nice atmosphere, though. Perhaps its a good place to go for appetizers and drinks, esp. if you are craving good guacamole and want to try different tequillas.