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Feb 15, 2008 12:07 PM

Pillsbury Bake Off

The bake off contest is coming up in April and I wondered if many people follow it? I know the recipes have been bashed on Chowhound because they use a lot of convenience products. However, I'm a finalist this year and happy to be a part of it, convenience products or not!

I think there are a lot of interesting/varied/ethnic recipes this time around. And yes, I love to bake/cook from scratch but I don't think it's necessarily bad to use store-bought products from time to time. Anyway, I'm proud to have made it this far.

Anyone intersted can see all the recipes at I'd love to hear what others think about finalist recipes. And I'm sure I'm opening myself to some bashing, but oh recipe is Mango, Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Appetizer Pizza. Can't wait to hear from all the goat cheese haters! :-)

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  1. Anyone who bashes you for being a finalist in a food cooking contest that pays a million bucks must be independently wealthy... So what if they use convenience foods. Actually, there's a ton of money to be made in all sorts of cooking competitions (e.g. 50K for the build-a-better-burger). Much better odds than the lottery. So good luck!

    1. Congratulations.....i love goat cheese and i have never had it with mango but it does sound good!!!!
      i will check out the recipes and by all means YES you should be pretty darn pround!!!

      1. Congratulations on being a finalist! I know a couple of people who have been submitting recipes for years and never made it - they've stopped trying now.

        Good luck and I'd be interested in reading about your experiences and how well you did.

        1. Hey, three of my favorite ingredients! I'll vote for you - AND you're local to me in MA, which makes my vote even more important! :-) Congratulations on being one of the 100 finalists; do you get to go and make it for the judges, or do they narrow it down and only bring in a select number of contestants?

          ETA: Never mind - found the "about the contest" informational page, and it looks like you're going to Dallas in April! (along with 4 others from MA, I see). Good luck!

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            Yes, I get to go to Dallas. It's amazing to think that they get tens of thousands of entries and from those they narrow it down to 100. It's an honor just to make it this far, although winning would be great!

          2. Congrats on being chosen! I voted for you.