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Basil Torte Cheese in Orange County?

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  • torta basilica Jan 2, 2002 03:09 PM
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As you can tell by my pseudonym, my favorite food is 'torta basilica' or 'basil torte' cheese. Found it first in the Viktualienmarkt in Munich (it's originally made in Milan) & have been addicted ever since. It is a mild semi-hard white cheese slices layered with mascarpone, pesto & whole pines nuts & oh so delicious. You used to be able to find it at the Atrium Court in Fashion Island and then Gelson's started carrying it, but I recently have not found it there & the cheese manager says they probably won't get anymore in. Sob sob - it just wasn't Christmas without Torta Basilica - does anyone have any suggestions?

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    torta basilica

    Ok, how about anywhere in So Cal? Has anyone seen it in the Bev Hills Cheese Shop? Bit of a drive, but if I know it's there, can always find plenty of other things to do/eat while I'm up there!