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Feb 15, 2008 11:42 AM

A bar w/ good pizza- Saybrook- Milford

Sounds easy to answer but I've been searching for ever. We sorely want to sit at a bar, drink beer and cocktails, eat pizza, AND be able to watch sports on a TV. Please help- EXTREMELY difficult to find a place that can meet all criteria- shoreline and mid CT ok!

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  1. BAR in New Haven meets all of these-- or is that too sceney?
    Are you looking for a singles scene or just a get together place?

    1. On first look, it appears to be an easy order to fill, but it's not if all the criteria are to be met. All I can come up with are chain places ad I'm not sure they strictly meet the "good" pizza requirement but they do all have some types of pizza.
      First and Last Tavern, Guilford
      SBC, W. Main St., Branford
      Bertucci's, Route 1, Orange
      Wood n Tap Route 10, Southington
      I'll be interested to see if anyone else can come up with any more non chain places. The pizza requirement in a sports bar culls out most of the good bars.

      1. OK, going out on a limb here.
        You're right, very hard to find as are any chinese joints with a bar, decent food and a tv.
        We like Anthony's of Guilford for the pizza and the rest of the food is OK as well...
        I think you'll be happier if you ask for your pie well done.
        Now before all of you climb all over me about this one, I'll admit its not Jepes, the Spot, Sallys, Bar, Modern or any of the best ones in NH, (we've eaten at all of them and more throughout the area several times) but we think its pretty good and it has a sit down bar with 3 tvs. I can only think of Bar as the other alternative, but you have to go downtown. Oh, and if you don't like it all the better for us 'cause it can sometimes be hard to get a seat at the bar as it is.
        Good hunting and let us know if you find anything else.

        1. The Monkey Farm in Old Saybrook (at the intersection of Rte 1 and Main Street) is a great bar/hangout and serves a really good pizza. Unfortunately, it serves pizza, and only pizza, on Sundays only. On other days it serves an excellent full lunch selection.