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Feb 15, 2008 11:23 AM

EV or BK - Dive Bar with Good Pizza?

looking for a bar/restaurant in the east village or brooklyn (pref. park slope or prospect heights or fort greene) to go with some friends and get some good but inexpensive beer & pizza (and one of us really wants root beer, so having that would be a plus.)


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  1. You're probably not going to find a dive bar with great pizza--though there are dive bars in W'Burg with mediocre pizza. However, Pizzeria Gruppo in the East Village has excellent inexpensive pizza, serves beer by the pitcher and probably has root beer. That would be my pick.

    1. 11th Street bar between Ave A and B is pretty good for atmosphere. They don't serve food, but if you tell the bartender what you want and they will tell you the best places in the area and let you bring it in (and probably hand you a take out menu!). They also have a back room with a bunch of tables that you can take over and set up your own little feast.

      If you are going tonight, Steve should be the bartender there.

      Bonus: not far from the L train!

      1. back in pre-baby days, I used to love to go to the Scratcher on E. 5th and order Lombardi's in.

        1. Cherry Tree Bar in Brooklyn on 4th ave and Bergen (near the atlantic terminal). Excellent pizza, backyard to hang out in, and a location in Brooklyn that can be somewhat divey (although perfectly fine) :)