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Feb 15, 2008 11:23 AM

pizza in or around West Norriton

Hi all,

Just wondering what you think. I've been going to Paradise pizza but i'm looking for a change. Any suggestions?


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  1. I order from Amedeo's. I've picked up at Gino's. Both are pretty good.

    1. Via Veneto on on Markley street in Norristown ...hands down!!!!! Second place winner is Charlie's in Swede Square shopping center in E. Norriton. Can't say that there is any outstanding pizza in W. Norriton.

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      1. re: ntowngal

        I would agree with both recommendations of Gino's and Via Veneto. Via Veneto has one of the best cheesesteak strombolis that I have ever had.

        Aside from that it's all pretty mediocre, just like most of the suburbs.

        1. re: ntowngal

          I had the opportunity to try Charlie's in Sweded Square...great pizza...sauce is a bit sweet...but it was a nice change (though not as sweet as Franzones--which I found was just too sweet for my taste).

          Charlie's will be added to the list of pizza places in my phone!

        2. It's kinda sweet (the sauce) but lots of people SWEAR by Franzones (either across the bridge in Bridgeport, or on Ridge Pike in Conshy.)

          It's a different kind of pie, but delicious crispy thin crust, and no gluey Mozz like most places.

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          1. re: phillyjazz

            Franzone's white pizza is realy good, w onions, garlic and a drizzle of oil. Benny's in Trooper (Park Ridge Shopping Center) on Ridge used to be the best pie, but Benny retired and is now working at Genaurdi's cafe on Germantown & 202. Haven't tried the Genaurdi's pie, but if it is the Benny's version, I'm sure its good. Anyone know how the Genaurdi's pie stacks up?

            Via Veneto Sicilian pie is very good..

            1. re: EastPA

              You cannot compare a pizza shop's pizza to a supermarkets. The supermarkets are not using fresh dough, but either frozen dough or even frozen shells. Further every store makes their pizza exactly the same, just as every McDonald's makes a burger the same way.

              Genuardi's pizza is mediocre at best.

          2. hey, I've had pretty good pie at Nippers on Ridge. Seafood pie red or white is good if a bit pricey. Also have had sausage and mushroom that was very good.Padrinos at Vally Forge rd. and Germantown Pike is good also, if you go during lunch they have a good selection of by-the-slice, so you can try it out w/o ordering a whole pie.

            1. Hi neighbor -
              I don't really have a go to pizza place in the area yet. My favorite is Maria's Pizza in Conshy...near the Outback. They have both a normal oven and a wood burning oven that can only fit a small pie. I did try Gino's last night for the first time and it was very good. They do need to add more toppings to the menu and also some more specialty pies though. Kosmo's isn't the best around but its a little different style so worth trying.