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Feb 15, 2008 11:02 AM

Dining Recommendations in New Hope?

2 DC Hounds heading to New Hope tomorrow and staying at the Logan Inn for the night on Saturday, looking for restaurant recommendations for dinner that evening.

We currently have a reservation at the Logan Inn for convenience sake, but would appreciate comments on that as well as a few others that look good (found them through Open Table and the menus/pricing seem to be what we're looking for): Centre Bridge Inn, Lambertville Station, and The Mansion Inn. I also saw a chow post on here from last week about the Inn at Phillips Mill which looks tasty from the menu on their website.

We'd apprecate comments on the restaurants mentioned above, as well as any suggestions for others that aren't on this list.


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  1. Go to No. 9 in nearby Lambertville. It's a small byob with friendly service. The braised short ribs, a house specialty, are too die for. Call today and hope you can get a reservation.

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      I realize they don't have a website. Can you provide more info on their other menu items?

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        antons at the swan in lambertville is a good option as well as the lambertville station

    2. If you can get a reservation, try Hamilton's Grill Room in Lambertville. It's BYO.

      1. The Inn at Phillips Mill has lots of romantic atmosphere and the food is always good to great. Don't eat dinner at the Logan. It's fine for lunch but not dinner. Manon in Lambertville is also a wonderful french byo and now that I think about it probably my first recommendation. Hit the New Orleans style place (can't think of name) for drinks at the bar and/or Left Bank Libations (Lambertville) for cozy after dinner drinks. Try lunch the next day at Lilly's on the Canal (also Lambertville). And make sure you check out Blue Racoon (a home store in New Hope near Victory Brewing). Have fun!

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          The New Orleans place is Marsha Brown, a gorgeous converted church. Have not had recommendable experiences at Lilly's in Lambertville (or Doylestown for that matter) - mediocre food and indifferent service. But maybe it's just me.

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            Thanks. We're already going to Cock 'n Bull on Sunday for a baby shower.

          2. I too would vote for Manon in Lambertville, just across the river. It's a delightful little French bistro that is BYO. You will absolutely need a reservation for Saturday night.

            If you brought lots of money and want to splurge go to La Bonne Auberge in New Hope!


            BTW, many restaurants are still doing Valentine's dinners this weekend so be sure to phone ahead.

            1. The setting for the Inn at Phillips Mill is quaint, but I would not recommend it. I was there last Saturday for the first time and had a terrible dining experience. The food is average to slightly above average, there were some nice flavor combinations (lamb pate with cherries), but the service was terrible. The wait staff was so bad it was almost like being in a Saturday Night Live skit. None of the three couples that went would ever return. Examples of service: repeated requests to refill the bread basket (one basket for 6 people) and water (and when I say repeated, think 4 or 5 times before there is action). We were very polite, but asking again did not result in the typical "oh, I'm sorry I forgot" response, but it would get a glare that told you how much of a bother you were. It is a BYOB and I gave up asking to have another bottle of wine opened and walked to corner a wait person to have them open the bottle. We kept expecting someone to step out and say "Smile, you're on Candid Camera".