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Feb 15, 2008 10:52 AM

ISO-Petit Fours in Toronto

Dressed up a plateful of homemade sweets with the only petit fours I could find to serve to my coworkers as the big finale for the Valentines Day Lunch.

They were kind of shopworn looking anyway when I bought them at The Bay's takeout counter. But they have some good things there (like their meat pies) so I thought I'd take a chance.They were called 'Mrs. Bridges', apparently a local supplier.

Verdict: Dreadful, stale tasteless cake, no marzipan and skimpy icing with garish coloured frosting 'flowers' that tasted nasty.

So is anybody doing delicious and delicate Petit Fours these days?

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  1. Yes, I've tried Petit Four, and it's a nice change from the downtown take-out joints. It's run by the pastry chef at Far Niente, and specializes in a vareity of different kinds of foccacia. The sandwiches were good, fresh and tasty. I have to confess to not trying the desserts (watching my girlish figure), but they look absolutely inspired, and are just the right size for a lunch hour dessert.

    Reds next door has closed, and they will be opening "Four" in its stead. Apparently its going to focus on well-prepared healthy styled oxymoron?

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      Oh yeah - the petit fours at Patachou are wonderful. Very moist and beautifully decorated. And the fact that they are soaked in rum doesn't hurt. They are truly divine, and not cheap but sure worth the splurge. At christmas time they are a regular but if you want some now, I believe you have to place a minimum order of a dozen. Had them at my husband's birthday party....a real hit!!

      1. re: Paula from Toronto

        I don't think Reds is the restaurant being replaced. Should be Soul of the Vine.