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Feb 15, 2008 10:49 AM

Beef Wellington and a Veggie Wellington

Hello, I am throwing a dinner party for meat eaters and vegetarians next weekend. I thought individual beef Wellingtons would be fun and I can prepare them ahead of time and then just make them off before dinner. I wanted to make a similar dish but no meat so the non-meat eaters have something wrapped in puff pastry as well. I was thinking of grilling large Portobello mushrooms and using that in lieu of the meat. Has anyone done something similar and what are your suggestions for what to use in lieu of the pate?

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  1. What about doing a mushroom strudel w/ a mix of wild mushrooms and baby bellos? I just made one last night--sauteed butter w/ chopped scallions, added chopped mushrooms and seasonings, a little white wine and cream, parmesan cheese and reduce. Use as filling. Very easy to cut into pieces. You could also do a mushroom pate:

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    1. a friend of mine makes beef wellington all the time. she made a mushroom pate/puree in place of the regular pate once. that might be too many mushrooms though on top of the portobello...

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        i normally do the "duxelles" whichis is the purred mushroom wine shallot mixture, foie gras pate and then beef. I was worried that using a portabello musroom along with the duxelle might be too mushroomy- any ideas of what I could use instead of portabello to replace the beef?

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          I was thinking it would be too much mushroom, too, if you did portabellos and mushroom pate. What about roasted eggplant with mushroom pate? If you want a pseudo meat alternative, Morningstar makes fake steak strips that people have told me is good.

      2. For the veggie Wellington, grill the portobellos, slice thickly so that they'll be easier to wrap in pastry, then make layers of the mushrooms, some steamed spinach and maybe some goat cheese and caramelized onion. That would be so good the meat-eaters will be jealous.

        1. There was a veggie wellington recipe that just won a contest in Vegetarian Times magazine. Here's the link to it .

          1. If they don't eat meat, but will eat fish, try using salmon. I make a salmon wellington with duxelle and spinach.