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Feb 15, 2008 10:46 AM

New Additions to Mount Dora

Well for once I can report some new and interesting additions to the Mount Dora Dining experience.

The Mount Dora Sushi House:
This place the new rave of Mount Dora and after eating there more than twice, I can reccommend this place! They also have a few hot dishes other than sushi. I wasn't real crazy about the chicken kabobs but they wern't bad! Service was a little slow but nothing that bad to ruin the experience. I noticed that if you wan't better service you need to sit at the sushi bar. If you Live near mount Dora and don't want to drive the 30 plus miles to O-town for GOOD sushi. This is your place!!

The Orange Blossom Resturaunt:
Located on OLD OBT(old hwy 441or Highland Street) in Mount Dora. This is the Towns first Late Night dinning establishment. These people don't open for biz until 11pm!!!! I received a flyer and read that they will be serving light meals and breakfeast from 11pm to 11am except for Monday and Tuesday nights. I haven't tried this place but plan on doing so this weekend!

Arts Of Palm:
Mount Dora's first successfull(I hope) attempt at a carribean place. It's kinda discombobulated as far as the menu goes. You see alot of different items from around the globe with an emphasis on carribean dishes. I especially loved the jerk Chicken dish and the appiteisers and salads are also made fresh. I was Impressed with the overall freshness of the food. The only thing i didn't like on one visit was the freezer taste to the jerk wings. Other than that, Everything seemed very fresh. As far as price goes, It is not your usuall mom and pop Jamaican place. The prices here are around $15 for a complete meal. The place itself is very clean and comfortable which may explain the higher price. Service was a great disappointment These people have their children waiting on you! I am dead serious!!
It didn't ruin the meal but there were a few "waits"! If you don't mind slack service you'll like Arts of palm!

Backyard Boys BBQ:
Think of Sonny's BBQ and DixieCross roads in one resturaunt. This place used to be a Dixie crossroads but They closed down about a year ago. I guess they still have the rock shrimp shelling machine because it is on the menu! Portions were kinda small but the prices seem to be reasonable. I really wouldn't go out on a limb and reccommend this place but if you want to get full and don't want to spend a lot of cash,,this might be your place!!

If none of these sound appealing I am sure you'll find something good here on the mountain to sink your teeth into.

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  1. Sounds good! I was in Mt Dora in November and had a fabulous meal at the 5th Avenue Cafe...I still dream about the asparagus flan...

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      We've been to 5th Avenue Cafe several times now and love the food - it's always fresh. Menu is super creative, portion sizes are just right. It's our new favorite place!

    2. So- did you make it over to Orange Blossom? I am VERY curious about this place. Incredible to imagine any place that local to us with such hours- when we first moved here we quickly learned they roll the sidewalks up by 9pm (for the most part) but if you look around and talk to people, you can find some unusual places...
      We are in Leesburg and don't mind driving to good sushi- so we will JOYFULLY go to MD Sushi this week and check it out.
      I saw that Dixie was replaced by a Q and wondered... Didn't see many cars the few times we drove that way, but FL BBQ tends to make me sad so I don't usually bother.

      1. YES I went to the new Mt Dora sushi company restaurant on 3rd Ave and agree. It is definitely the BEST sushi place around. The staff is friendly and explained they are new and working out timing kinks... I see the improvement already in the 4 times I've been there. They've added another sushi chef to help with service and am always pleased with the quality even when they are busy.Its worth the wait....fresh fish...and the atmosphere fits the Mt dora area . They support local artists with Asian themed art and crafts for sale throughout the restaurant.

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        1. re: chowbabygirl

          Boy,, they must have made some serious improvements at the 5th avenue Cafe!!!!
          The last time I posted new places here,,5th avenue got slammed! And I didn't even bring them up!
          Just like now only people are saying good things!

          I did not get a chance to eat at the Orange Blossom over the weekend but,,,,,I will eat there as soon as i can and report back!

          I might even review the 5th avenue cafe !! I just need to save the money it takes to eat there!!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Went to Mt Dora Sushi for lunch today. Thanks for the rec- it was good. Sat at the sushi bar, watched Takashi in action. Service was friendly (they wear big name tags!). Takashi told me it gets busy right about 4:30 and on Saturday's they can get a little crowded. Will be back with my husband to try more sashimi (my nephew likes the rolls best, so that's what I ate today.) I laughed at the names they came up with - the Snowbird Roll?!

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            1. re: Boccone Dolce

              Well I have to appologize!! The Orange Blosom Rest. Only opened at night for One week and decided not to do that!! Darn!! And here I thought my town was finally getting hip!

              I did forget to mention another addition,, One Flight Up is a new coffee and sandwich shop that opened on Donnelly. I have had thier coffee and it rocks. So does the view from the second story balcony overlooking downtown!