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Feb 15, 2008 10:30 AM

Good eats near Bloor and Symington?

I have been recently been spending quite a bit of time in this area, but have no idea where to eat. Any hidden gems for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Any price range, or type of cuisine is fine, (just as long as it's tasty!)

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  1. There are definitely a few Portuguese BBQ joints in the area. I believe there's one right at Bloor & Symington, which I haven't heard anything about, and there are a couple just north of there at Symington & Dupont. If you're at Symington & Dupont, there's a great Italian bakery/sandwich shop just north of the intersection in the same mall as a Beer Store.

    1. Yasi's Place at the corner of Wallace and Campbell has good breakfast and lunches, attempting to use local ingredients. It''s great and the staff is friendly.