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Feb 15, 2008 10:24 AM

Japanese Curry- seattle

I was wondering if anyone knows where is a good restaurant for good japanese curry in seattle and surrounding areas? Thanks.

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  1. The dearly departed Takohachi had a mean version. I think still-extant Tsukushinbo's curry is very good as well. I would also try Maekawa Bar, and perhaps Maneki, though I haven't tried either for this dish. All are in fairly close proximity in the ID.

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      agree on Tsukushinbo. Had a great curry at Mashiko in W Seattle but that was over a year ago. Can also get curry at Fort St George in the International District and Koji Osakaya (1st and University) but it's pretty generic at these places. I believe Shun in the University district has curry but i haven't tried it yet.

      1. re: barleywino

        been to maekawa bar, i had the small plates which was really yummy.. didn't know they had curry there though.. question, is maekawa bar and fort st george the same? tried the curry at koji osakaya, i didn't like the curry there, but the other things in the food is quite good.

        1. re: enylia

          The place has questionable hygeine, but Tokyo Garden in the U-district (U-Way and 45th) has really good chicken curry rice. We couldn't go in good conscience for a while, but I crave nothing else on cold rainy nights.

          1. re: enylia

            maekawa and fort st george are different kitchens. I don't recall seeing curry on the menu at Maekawa. I liked the fatty pork w/ hardboiled egg at Maekawa but found the other food I had there (chicken karaage, agedashi tofu, anago tempura) to be disappointing and too greasy (in a bad way, like slightly stale and not crispy, unlike the late Takohachi which was greasy in a good way :). BUt sounds like you had a different experience there...Not crazy about Koji (i would avoid their yakisoba, tempura, beef, and even sushi which is sometimes mushy). (BTW Speaking of fatty pork, if you're a fan, try the tete du cochon (head cheese) at Quinn's sometime)

      2. My vote is for the katsu curry at Hiroshi's on Eastlake. Makes me sad that I work over in Kirkland now.

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          Don't be sad. Kiku-Sushi isn't far from you. It's next to Redmond Uwajimaya. Very good.

        2. Another Japanese curry to try is at Musashi's at 1400 N 45th St. It is a very tasty chicken curry with rice.

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            I'll second Musashi's--great chicken curry!