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Feb 15, 2008 10:17 AM

Dinner/breakfast at same meal along 405 from LAX to Costa Mesa?

A friend is coming in from overseas to LAX and I am in search of an appropriate dinner place that would be casual, would serve breakfast food at dinnertime (because of the jet lag, see), and would be located anywhere not too far from the 405, from LAX down to Costa Mesa.

I thought of Katella Deli in Los Alamitos. We're both aficionados of that type of place. (However, I haven't been there, so I don't know if it is any good. How's their lox and bagels?)

This would be for a Sunday around dinnertime.

Any suggestions of that kind? Thanks a lot in advance, as neither of us is familiar with the area.

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  1. There's a Jerry's famous deli on bristol across from south coast plaza. Decent place with decent prices. Can't expect too much. And I'm sure they do breakfast for dinner. Their menu is insane.
    If you do end up going to Katella Deli can you please tell me how it is? I've driven past by it a few times and always wanted to go in but never had the time.

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      Just for clarification, the Jerry's is on Anton, not Bristol.

    2. Closer to the LAX end of your trip is Pann's (near the corner of La Tijera and La Cienega, a short drive from the airport.) They serve breakfast all day (eggs with potatoes or grits and bacon/hot links/ country-fried steak/ sausage/ fried chicken) , as well as solid lunch/dinner fare. The 50's Googie architecture is very L.A., and would be quite striking to someone visiting from overseas.

      1. Katella Deli is wonderful. The prices (though they've gone up a bit) are still reasonable for the quality and quantity of the food. This is good ol' fashioned comfort food like Grandma or a favorite aunt used to make. Stuffed cabbage rolls, corned beef, tender brisket, and lots of deli sandwiches (come very hungry) including gefiltefish, lox, corned beef, roast beef, chopped liver (not for the squeamish!), etc. etc. etc. - lots of selections plus burgers, hot dogs, chili & soups, kishka, blintzes, noodle kugel. And the breakfasts are also good and hearty. Call ahead to find out if they serve breakfast all day - I'm not sure. I would also call about 15-20 minutes ahead and ask them to put your name on the list if you are going on a Saturday or Sunday at dinner time, especially if you have a larger group. We have gone there for seven years now and never had a bad meal. Everyone we've taken has enjoyed it also. They do serve fish but I've never eaten it there. Too many other good selections. Once in a while they will forget to bring you everything on the plate(had a newer waitress and she didn't know what all was supposed to be there, so don't hesitate to check the menu again if you think you're missing something). If you like dill pickles, they will bring some to the table complimentary. There are several areas to sit in - a counter, an area on the same level with booths and tables and room for family groups (this is the level they will seat you if your party has someone with a walker). There's also a bar area, additional lower level seating, and an enclosed patio seating. The service is usually good (watch out for the waitress with the hearing problem, though). On the way out, it's family tradition (ours, anyway) to exit through the deli/bakery, even if we don't plan to buy anything. If you like bread heels (my daughter's favorite), they sell them by the bag for about $1.50. Also coffee cakes, "bobkas," specialty cakes and cookies galore. Skip the "bagel chips" - too hard/stale in my opinion. Good local place for birthday cakes. Hope that helps all of you who had questions.