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Feb 15, 2008 10:17 AM

Help my 25 yr old niece!

Spending a long weekend downtown in March. She is looking for cool and trendy places that she can eat and drink for $50-100 pp. She is coming from LA but I think she may be in for some Manhattan sticker shock. TIA

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  1. I had dinner at The Modern -- Bar Room a few nights ago. From my advanced age it struck me as cool and trendy. (The Dining Room, not so much.) And with its small plates format, one could probably manage a meal for < $100 pp.

    1. Check out Stanton Social for her. I think that's a perfect spot. One of my favorites.
      Also, Tao or Buddakan.

      1. Bar Blanc is fun and trendy, and the food is interesting, creative, and delicious. Allen and Delancey is another very good choice, less comfortable and louder, but I don't think that would bother a 25 year old.

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          I second allen and delancey - just went there and loved it. and i'm 25, so there you go!

        2. I would second Staton Social (in the LES) and Buddakan (Meatpaking District). I would also suggest looking at Bond St. (NoHo) or Koi (Bryant Park) if she's into Japanese cuisine. Suba (LES) for Spanish tapas or La Esquina (Little Italy/Soho), small trendy Mexican place. Tao is definitely trendy, bit more touristy, but you can get the same affect and better food at Buddakan (as recommended) or even Buddha Bar (both in Meatpaking). Good luck!

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            Blue Fin for small plates, right in Times Square where all the glitz, glamor and action is.

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              IMO, Times square is the worst possible place to send anyone!! Blue Fin is not terrible but the location is dreadful. Especially when dealing with some one from LA. Kansas maybe, but LA no way.Sorry to anyone from Kansas, who I might have just offended. But the vibe of NY is not people sketching you or writing your name in butterflies. And it is certainly not the Olive Garden of TGI'Fridays. The vibe of NY is best captured in areas like the West Village or the LES, where you can walk from bar to bar or stroll down the street after a great meal without running into people who are amazed by the steaming cup of noodles. In the WV, I would suggest Employees Only or perhaps Smith to start. Depending on her interests I ight also suggest Little Branch for cocktails. In the LES, I agree with Stanton Social. Cool spot, great food. Just my thoughts. BFF

            I think Market Table in the West Village is a great pick-the food is good and while it's not over-the-top trendy, it's still got a good vibe.
            I would also suggest Lupa, as the food is good and it's always busy and it puts her close to a lot of options for after dinner.
            Also, Essex in the LES does a good brunch and has some nice dinner specials during the week. We take out of towners here often and they always like it.
            Also in the LES Schiller's or Freeman's Alley for drinks are trendy but not over the top.