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Feb 15, 2008 10:08 AM

Lorenzo's resto Farmingdale NJ

I know this just opened in Farmingdale, but I was wondering if any hounds have been there?
I think the article mentioned a link to the one in Freehold. It is in today's APP.

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  1. Have been to Lorenzo's 3 times since it opened (re-opened?). If you liked Lorenzo's in Freehold, you will love Lorenzo's Farmingdale. There are 2 dining rooms on the main floor plus a huge bar where you'll likely find entertainment on weekend nights (not sure if he has entertainment during the week). The food is typical Lorenzo, usually very good to excellent, with quite a number of specials offered each night. The last time there, I had the Red Snapper Lorenzo with a side of pasta. IMHO, seafood is a good gauge of the overall food a restaurant will serve. Its just too easy to overcook seafood and kill it. The Snapper came out hot, moist and tender throughout and the pasta was perfectly cooked. I don't remember what the other members of our dinner party had, but at the end of the evening, all 6 of us were very happy and very full.

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      Thanks for the info. I was choosing a place for dinner last night going between Lorenzo's and a place in Bradley called Cerrito's and should have chosen Lorenzo's.

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        Guess I'll stay away from Cerrito's

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          Guess I had too much sauvignon blanc last night. I meant to say the name of the resto last night was Citrico's.

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        very full? what a joke. This place was not only WAY over priced, the portions were smaller than the appetizers. Its one of the places that you can't wait to get something to eat on the way home.

        The best part was leaving! Avoid Avoid Avoid...unless you could care less about money.

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          Overpriced??? Pastas run from $14-16. Seafood entrees run from $19-23, unless you order Lobster. All entrees come with a dinner salad. How can that possibly be overpriced?