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Feb 15, 2008 10:07 AM

Do you love goat cheese?

After recently reading a post about how people "teach" themselves to like new foods , it makes me wonder whether I can actually acquire a liking for the food I dislike the most: Goat Cheese. So many people just adore it and I wish I could appreciate it like they can. To me, it tastes so so very game-y and have yet to get over it. Did you love goat cheese at your first taste?

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  1. No, it took a few tried before I totally fell in love with it. But I didn't hate it when I first tried it, I just thought it was not a very delicious cheese. I love it the most on salads. That is usually how I eat it now.

    I am not sure if you can go from disliking more than any other food to liking it. Kind of a big jump!

      1. Absolutely loved it my first time! I adore it on crackers with a glass of red wine, also love some crumbs of it over a dark green salad. I tend to love strongly flavored foods anyway, so I wasn't surprised that I loved it at first bite!

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          I loved it at first bite (on a salad). One of my favorite appetiers is a spread I make with goatcheese, sundried tomatoes, basil, olive oil and pine nuts. Great served with chunks of good quality bread or pita bread.

        2. It depends on the cheese. If it is too strong, I swear that I smell the straw on the bottom of the pen in the cheese. A nice mild goat cheese is delicious.

          1. As far as I can recall, I loved it first time (but its so many years ago, I couldnt be sure). It is a distinct taste - that's what's good about it. hate the mild stuff you get - no point in eating that!