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Feb 15, 2008 10:00 AM

l'impero delivered, thanks

thanks to board members for recommending this delightful place near our hotel. we had an excellent dinner (memorable fusilli, excellent swordfish, a bouillabaisse risotto, and fine deserts) for a wellpriced 64.00 prix fixe, with comfort and good service as added incentives to return. on the down side, those who recommended breakfast at smorgas chef must have had a different experience than we did. overcooked, overpriced eggs, indifferent service, and no bread worth speaking of. must be someplace more worthy of our breakfast bucks next time!

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  1. We had an excellent meal there Sat nite; good bottle of Primo Tivo along with a most eclectic menu. Only prob was catching a cab home - the desk told us we'd find one readily - not so (we are ancient).