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Feb 15, 2008 09:56 AM

Babycakes cupcakes in Torrance

Has anyone tried their cupcakes? I'm planning to visit them tomorrow and see what they have but I thought to drop by here and see if anyone has tried their goodies. If all goes well, I plan to use them for an event -- that would save me the hassle of hauling cupcakes all the way from the valley to the south bay.

As always, any advice is much appreciated :)

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  1. Haven't tried them. But a good general bakery in Southbay that carries cupcakes is Lido in Manhattan Beach. They have a website: The website is pretty slick, but this is really a small family-owned shop. Very nice people, very good baked goods. I haven't had their cupcakes in particular, but their regular cake is excellent, so I imagine it scales downward. :) The only thing is, since they don't specialize in cupcakes, they may not have many choices available for you to taste if you just pop in tomorrow...there are always some cupcakes in the case, but I don't know if they'll have more than one variety prepared. Of course, for an event they would make any kind you want to order.

    1. Well? It's tomorrow already and I'm dying to find out if they were good. Please report back!

      1. So, hubby, sister, sister's hubby and I trooped down to Babycakes this afternoon for some serious cupcake indulgence. We ordered 9, count 'em, 9 flavors: red velvet, chocolate mousse, italian orange, strawberry vanilla, banana marshmallow, vanilla bean, banana vanilla, espresso chocolate and lemon.

        The verdict in a word? GO. Among the 9, in my opinion, only 2 were a miss: the lemon and the italian orange. But then again, my bro in-law liked the lemon and I'm not really a lemon person, so it's worth a try for a lemon cake lover, I guess. The group favorites were the red velvet, banana marshmallow and the strawberry vanilla. The cupcakes were frosted just right and not too sweet. The cake itself was moist and presentation was pretty and not sloppily done.

        Cupcakes are priced at $2.50 with the specialty ones like the strawberry vanilla with fresh strawberries priced at $3 a pop. The cupcakes are on the smallish side but I think this is all right in my book -- it alleviates the guilt of snarfing down these babies like there's no tomorrow! It becomes a true indulgence rather than a meal by itself.

        It's ran by a husband and wife team and service is sincere and gracious. They also offer muffins, whoopie pies, brownies and other specialty items. Place is cozy and they have a few tables inside where you can eat if you can't wait to get home (like we did). You can order cupcakes by a dozen for $25 so there's a little discount tucked in there. We are definitely using them for our family event. The Southbay has a definite gem in Babycakes :)

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          oh man, if you'd gone for the dozen, you'd have gotten 3 more cupcakes for only $2 more! they sound so good..

        2. My brother's daughter had a birthday and the cake was surprisingly good. The flavor of the butter cream, cake moisture, and lemon filling was awesome. The name of the cake shop is Sugar & Spice I believe it is in La Mirada. I found the site below and the pictures are way cool