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Feb 15, 2008 09:54 AM


Going to Maxwells tonight to see a terrific artist name Dana Parish perform.
Can anyone suggest where I can have dinner after the show? Much appreciated.

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  1. Maxwell's serves food so you could probably just grab a bite there. If not, just walk up or down Washington Street which has a bunch of restaurants. One of my favorite sushi places is Robongi, which is on 6th, I believe. There's also Margherita's which serves good pizza, along with other Italian food. Really, there's so much in that area you won't go hungry.

    1. Elysian Cafe is at the other end of the same block as Maxwell's (on Washington at the corner of 10th, whereas Maxwell's is on the corner of 11th); think French bistro food, and a full bar. Margherita's is def a good rec (and BYO) for a pre-show meal but go hungry or share, as portions are huge! The food at Maxwell's is okay, but nothing special, imo-basically a pub menu.

      1. Elysian Cafe
        Ali Baba
        Anthony David