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Jan 2, 2002 09:44 AM

Korean food in Rowland Heights

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Does anybody have any recommendations for Korean food in Rowland Heights? Lots of mini-malls so it looks promising but nobody's written of this on the message board. Thanks for any help on this!

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  1. Feedable is the name of the place, and that's what you'll be if you arrive there on the northeast corner of Colima and Fullerton. It's one of the better Korean bbq's I've had, not cheap but with variety and quality to support the tariff. The bulgogi marinade kept me going back for more, and their seafood was fresh and plentiful, so long as you avoid the prefab sushi.

    18311 Colima Rd, Rowland Heights

    1. When we lived in Rowland Heights there were 2 Korean Restaurants that we used to frequent...sorry but we can't remember their names....

      The first was in one of those strip malls on Colima past Hacienda in the same mall as Harbor Village Chinese Restaurant. They were pretty good, loved the Oyster Omelet.

      The other was on the corner of Colima and Fullerton Road. Looked like a small cafe - they made a good Goat Stew. The main reason that we frequented this place was the close proximity to our home and the fact that they are open 24hrs a day(as is the other establishment).

      Now that we've moved to SD we really miss those 24 hour Korean places....