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Feb 15, 2008 09:36 AM

Miami: Help me on my Bday

Hello All, my birthday is March 10th so I am thinking on celebrating it on the Saturday before. But big you know anyplace where I can host 10 people? I do not want to loose lots of $$, but would love to host 10 people at a cool place, not necessarily sit down, but kind of drinks and apps that they can charge me by person and I just pre-pay (like an event). What places have you had experience of hosting or know someone that has? I live in Aventura so I can go either way, north or south. Thank you so much for your help!

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  1. I've been to events at Barchetta on the Bay, on the 79th St Causeway. For drinks and ok finger food, the view, and setting, are tremendous. You are right on the bay, and I can't imagine you'll do better than that. They're pretty reasonable, as well. I'd go somewher else for dinner, though. Or you might try Boteco on NE 79th St. Their drinks are pretty cheap ($5 Caipirinhas, $3 and $4 Beers, menu items also cheap), and the atmosphere is Brazilian party. Very nice staff, too. I was there last night for my wife's birthday, and it was super festive-great crowd, and live music.

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      Barchetta is a beautiful, woefully underutilized location with great views on Biscayne Bay and lots of outdoor seating. After two visits, though the food has earned the place the nickname "Barfetta on the Bay" for me, and I will not go back there to eat. (No, I did not get sick, just found the food to be teetering on the cusp of inedible).

      Nice call on Boteco - super casual, but you somehow feel like you're on vacation as soon as you walk in.

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        You know while we're on the bay, I could recommend old-favorite Shuckers, which, if you're going beach-style (shorts and flipflops), has great wings and bar food, and a great view as well, on the water. I agree that the food at Barchetta is terrible, but the view and the setting are great, and the fact that they're not doing that great would probably give you a decent shot at a good deal there. Just get some antipasto plates (average, not terrible) to go with the drinks. Both sit on the "demographic hodgepodge", that is the 79th St Causeway.

    2. I had a great experience at Bin No. 18 on Biscayne Blvd. and 18th Street

      The place is nice, service was great and they were very hospitable. They have wine, beer and good appetizers. What I did was order tablas, platters of cheese and charcuterie, which go for $38 and feed between 3-5 depending on how hungry your friends are. With the purchase of a tabla, any bottle of wine is $14. If you know how much you want to spend, contact them and give them your budget and they'll work with you.

      1. Have you tried Q in Aventura? I have not been but heard some positive reports.
        Opa in Hollywood works
        Lola's on Harrison may work with you plus you could do something at the wine bar across the street HVine.
        Sushi Blues?
        Piola in Hallandale?
        Nikki Marina

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          I love Yakko-San but it's hardly a "cool" place and not exactly the kind of place I can see doing "drinks and apps".

          I'll bet Timo could do a nice job - there's a nice area to the side of the bar with some leather couches that could hold a group of 10. May be pricier than you want depending on your budget.

          1. re: Frodnesor

            Yeah, I agree Yakko was a bit of a stretch. I was trying to up the food part of the equation. Tough area for cool with good food. Ivy has the right atmosphere but I really can't recommend the food plus I;m sure the OP is familiar with it. Prezzo would fall into same category as Ivy for me.
            Sarah, have you been over to Q yet?

        2. Try Tuscan Steak!!! They easily accomodate big paries...very cool crowd....they are a very cool restaurant that do family style...instead of paying per head you can order for the table and people can serve themselves from whatever they like..if you stick to apps and pastas you wont spend alot and the food is can get bottles of wine and it would be a good time...
          also bin no 18 does great cheese and fun spread plates with cheap bottles of wine..could be very fun there as well

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            Strong rec on tuscan +1.

            Never bween to bin 18.