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Feb 15, 2008 09:30 AM

Casual and not expensive dinner for 70

I am getting married in New Orleans and would like to have a casual event on the Friday night before at a place that has good traditional New Orleans fare but is not too pricey. We are on a pretty serious budget. I am looking for a place that we might have a buffet for between $30- $40 a head. I know I might be dreaming. We wanted to have a crawfish boil but couldn't quite figure that out. I have tried Acme, Gumbo Shoppe, Mulates, Mothers Next Door and several others and either no availibility or too expensive. Any thoughts on other places to try? The postings for Ralph and Kacoos have not been great but maybe I should try there....Also can't be too far from 833 Poydras, Le Pavillion hotel.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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    1. re: philmaur

      We held a party there a few years ago in that price range and the food was great, just what I would recommend.

    2. If you're willing to extend your search down the streetcar line, check out Pontchartrain Hotel or even the Columns Hotel. Downtown, look at Ernst Cafe. Nice upstairs space.

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      1. re: JGrey

        Ernst is a great idea. My sis' wedding reception was held there. The food is good and I'll betcha the price will be pretty good too. I'm sure she was on a budget.

      2. Try Lucy's retired surfer's bar. They have a big room upstairs and they cater out of their restaurant. It isn't the best food in new orleans, but it is also far from the worst. It's a really fun place, too. However, it's not a sit down and eat situation. They'll have some tables and a buffet line set up. If you've struck out so far, give them a shot. It's in the warehouse district, not far from the quarter. Farther away on city park is Ralph's on the Park. It's a sit down meal that's good as hell. It'll be near the top of your budget though. Good luck.

        1. Check out Mandina's Restaurant
          great food and great prices