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Jan 2, 2002 01:22 AM

NY style pizza

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So - my husband went to the new, huge shopping complex on Hollywood Blvd. at Highland (part of the Chinese Theater) the other day and came home with the best slice of New York style pizza this side of New York. Even better, it was 'white pie' - my favorite! The crust was thin, and crispy on the bottom, the cheeses were quality and it had just a sprinkle of chopped spinach on top. It brought back lovely memories. He also brought me a slice of 'lasagne pie', topped with ingredients you'd find in a lasagne, spread in concentric circles. It was good too, but nothing beats a good slice of white.

The pizza place is on the third level of the shopping complex in a food court. Sorry, we don't know the name. I'm planning my own excursion over there very soon. More to follow...

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  1. Richie's Neighborhood Pizza

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    1. re: PHIL
      Mrs. Marshall

      Is that the name of the place or a suggestion of some place to check out?

      1. re: Mrs. Marshall

        The name of the place in Hollywood/Highland.

    2. Mulberry Street (Encino and Beverly Hills) makes an excellent lasagna pizza.

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      1. re: soccerdad
        Mrs. Marshall

        Thanks for the suggestions - I'll definitly check out the one in BH soon! Do you know if they do white pie as well?

      2. I do know that the Cafe Med people on Sunset Plaza are affiliated with Bice that used to be in Beverly Hills and they were opening two facilities in this Hollywood project. So your operation may be one of theirs. I'm sure it was not the CPK or you would have remembered that. As to Soccerdad's comments on Mulberry Street, 100% agreement. It is my company cafeteria here in Encino. Great thin crust and the white cheese/spinach is a true favorite, altho all are very good, and this comes from someone not in love with most pizza.
        Try it some time (also two in Beverly Hills).

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        1. re: carter
          Mrs. Marshall

          You're right about CPK, if my hubby had actually attempted to bring CPK "pizza" into our home we would have had to have a very serious discussion. CPK pizza crust is mushy and sweet, and some of those toppings, I mean, come on - Peking duck with shitake mushrooms and hoisin sauce - please! Call me a purist but I like my Peking duck served in those nice thin pancakes with some crispy spring onions - not as topping on a mushy crusted pizza! Hold me back! Sorry. I was dragged there a few weeks ago on a family thing and vowed never to return - at least for the pizza. Some of the pasta dishes looked at least palatable though.

          Now if you're still reading, thanks for the second on Mulberry Street and the background on the place we found in Hollywood. I should have read your post first and found that Mulberry Street does serve white pie, mmmmmm... I'll be trying it real soon and get back on my impression.

          Thanks again!!!

          1. re: Mrs. Marshall

            I agree whole heartedly with you Mrs. Marshall. CPK is a sorry exuse for a resturant period.. The only thing I would order from there is the Key Lime Pie. I rank CPK down there with resturants like The Cheesecake Factory. God Awful!

        2. I feel sort of silly asking, but what makes a good NY pizza? I imagine it is thin crust and large enough to fold over? Is there a lot of sauce, or a lot of cheese? Having been to NYC only once when I was younger and not really in the chowish spirit, I don't remember any of the pizza there.

          But, a recommendation of my own: I was bowled over by the white pizza at Tarantino's in Pasadena. Don't know how authentic it is, but it is really worth a try if you're in the area. It's a block from the Lake-Colorado corner, on Hudson and Green (I think).

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          1. re: Jennifer W.

            Jennifer, since you are my favorite poster, I'll try to explain as best I can.
            "NY style pizza", is, I believe, commonly referred to as a Neopolitan pie, round, with a thin crust, topped with tomato sauce and cheese. The pie is then cut into 8 individual slices.
            What sets it apart from local versions is that the basic slice can satisfy on its own, without the need for toppings to provide added flavor.
            This is not accomplished by extra sauce or cheese, but rather the quality of the basic ingredients. Thus, the crust is thin, but chewy, neither crisp like a cracker nor soggy, and, as you pointed out, able to be folded over. My understanding is that the texture is a product of the water used to make the dough, and perhaps why us ex-New Yorkers complain so much about the lackluster quality of the bagels found locally.
            Similarly, the sauce is not some canned variety, but ideally is slowly simmered with added herbs and spices to add complexity.
            Finally, the cheese (or combination of cheeses)should be fresh and not some industrialized product.
            These are the basics; individual variations include the recipes/amount of sauce used as well as the types and quantity of cheese toppings. All of which leads to endless debates as to where the best New York pizza can be found.

          2. CPK and white pizza are fine for what they are, however, they are not New York Pizza. The only REAL New York style Pizza (like Ray's on 14th for example) is found at Two Guys From Italy on Hollywood Bl near Musso and Frank. The crust is just right, the cheese is perfect with the reheat, etc. Mulberry is owned by an actress and like everything else in Beverly Hills is for posers.

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            1. re: Chris

              There's a Two Guys From Italy in the Valley, on San Fernando Mission road. near Balboa.