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Feb 15, 2008 08:21 AM

ISO decent fare around UofT downtown

I work downtown and sometimes head to the UofT downtown campus to meet Mr. LTL on his study break for either lunch or a light dinner. There are so many options around there that seem to be hit and miss so I'm looking for recommendations of reliable good eats, any cuisine. Thanks in advance!

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  1. The area around U of T tends to be a bit of a foodie dead zone, imho. However, if you are willing to travel to the northern edge of the 'hood (ie. Bedford just south of Dupont), Le Paradis is a nice little french bistro. Reservations are highly recommended.

    Vittorio's on Avenue Road isn't bad for Italian either!

    1. Joso's, at Av & Dav, is perfect for a lunch or a light dinner. For dinner, you might need reserves. For lunch it can get pretty busy too... (seafood / Mediterranean )

      1. Pho Hung in chinatown has decent pho noodles.

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          The only place I like eating pho outside my homemade version is Pho Phuong. I think they make the closest to authentic!

        2. What about eating at UofT? The Hart House has their downstairs grill (not a clue of the name) Prices are reasonable, choice is really good, and the food I have always enjoyed. Strongly recommend sitting out in the spring/early summer (they close down for the actual summer) on the patio.
          4 of us went one day all had different ethnic dishes.

          1. Not sure what your price point is but...

            The lovely Hart House Gallery Grill would be a good option (only been for lunch) or Matahari, which is a great Malaysian spot on Baldwin. Love, love, love Matahari.

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              Second Matahari. I went there last night for a day-late Valentine's Day dinner. Great service and divine food. I love this place for its consistency; I've never had a meal there that didn't leave me feeling like heaven.