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Feb 15, 2008 08:19 AM

Where can I purchase a Sweet Potatoe pie in the city?

Please do not offer to make me one or my post may be removed again.
I'm happy to get my teeth into a piece of this historical pie.

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  1. There's Sweet Potato 'Pie' available in some of the Jamaican Food places in's really not a pie it's a 'pudding' ...very DENSE....When I think of sweet potato pie I generally think of a 'southern u.s. version'...not sure I have ever had that kind in Toronto. The Jamaican version is quite different I think it's an 'aquired' taste....every Bakery here in Ocho Rios sells it in pieces /small plastic baggies....give it a try if you find it in Kensington or Jamaican 'restaurants' around town....

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      I think I'll continue my search for the pie version but additionally I will take your recommendation to try the Jamaican pudding.Btw, I'm envious of your warm weather location pearlD. We are currently up to our eyeballs in snow here with another big storm coming this weekend.

    2. Wanda's Pie in the Sky has a recipe in her cookbook -- which leads me to believe that you could get one at her storefront (if she still has a storefront).

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        I don't know the current status of her retail either. But I would contact them before heading there. They are unlikely to have something so obscure in stock regularly. They do special orders, but sweet potato also doesn't appear on their flavour list (I looked under custard pies, which is where pumpkin is listed). However, they may still be your best bet in the city if you are willing to order a whole pie.

        1. re: julesrules

          On Wanda's page, if you click the 'Occasions' heading and then the 'Fall' tab, you can see she makes a Sweet Potato Praline but only between September 15th and December 31st.

      2. You'll have to wait a few months for this recommendation but once Farmer's Market season starts again there is a farmer who sells only sweet potatoes and associated baking (muffins, tarts, pies). They have a booth at the East York and Nathan Phillips Square markets. They're called Round Plains Plantations.

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        1. re: hoagy294

          Thanks for the info Hoagy294. I often travel by the East York farmer's market on Coxwell on Tuesdays on my way to work. Checking their baked goods line
          I don't see pies on there. Have you seen them there personally?
          I'm quite sure that PearlD will be happy to learn about these farmer's market exhibitors.

          .............Baked Goods
          Golden Brownies
          Maple Sweet Potato Muffins
          Delicious Sweet Potato Muffins
          Sweet Potato Muffins
          Sweet Potato Harvest Cake
          Sweet Potato Cornbread
          Sweet Potato Cookies
          Sweet Potato Cheesecake
          Sweet Potato Cake
          Sweet Potato Bread
          Sweet Potato Biscuits
          Southern Sweet Potato Bread
          Pineapple Sweet Potato Bread
          Orange Sweet Potato Cheesecake
          Old South Sweet Potato Cake
          Marbled Sweet Potato Cheesecake
          Easy Mississippi Sweet Potato Cake
          Sweet Potato Date and Nut Loaf

          1. re: fruglescot

            It's kind of a weird division but sweet potato pie is under "dessert" as opposed to a "baked good" on their website. They do have tarts, I know that.

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              Hey thanks for thinking of me....BTW I had a small piece of sweet potato pudding from one of the bakery shops in was just as I remembered......YUCK! (or as I said aquired taste...)
              This place you suggested sounds like something I would try for some of their other goodies when I get back to civilisation (as I remember it!)