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Feb 15, 2008 08:15 AM

Indian ingredients in NC

Yes- two more northerners ( Buffalo ) coming to try our hand at southern living. Problem is we both like Thai, and Indian food. Am willing to cook but am afraid that we may not get the ingredients needed. ( spices, flours and rice in particular ) We live fairly close to a very large Indian population but would rather buy once we get settled in in Raleigh. Any suggestions?

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  1. With the high amount of tech jobs in the area the Indian polulation is highly represented. There are a number of Indian, and asian markets in both Cary and Raleigh and finding ingrediants should not be a problem.

    Read the following on Indian markets http://triangledesi.com/2007/06/24/in...

    for Asian try Grand Asia in Cary

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      Agree, you'll be able to easily find all the ingredients you need. We also have a number of upscale groceries (Whole foods, Fresh Market, Trader Joes, etc.). Not necessarily for Asian ingredients, but A Southern Season in Chapel Hill has an extremely large selection of unusual groceries. (I've never seen anything like it up north). Cary also has the equivalent of a "Little India" - definitely worth checking out if you're into Indian food.

    2. you should have no problem finding fresh and authentic supplies and pantry items, spices, etc. Cary has a "Little India" with tons of markets and shops.

      I live In durham and am rarely hard pressed to find items. There are at least 2 good Indian markets, and 1-2 good Asian markets I frequent.

      and now we also have--beauty of all beauties--the International supermarket, which is well stocked with staple grocery items and specialy items from all cultures from Latino to african to asian...to american. all in one massive supermarket. with excellent prices.

      Little India and Space Bazzaar in Durham
      Asia Market In Durham
      Compare Supermarkets, and Food World In durham

      enjoy the melting pot which is the triangle!

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        And just to add to your enjoyment the Carrboro Arts Center is holding Indian cooking classes. The teacher is Indian, and I can attest, having had my sister's potato curry wed. night , her recipes are delicious!

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          Hi! Whats the name of the international supermarket you mentioned? Where is it located? Thanks!

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            Compare Supermarket now has 2 locations in Durham, ine off Roxboro St, in the Big Lots shopping center--right by I 85 (that's the biggest one), and one on University Drive near forest hills

            There is also Food World on Fayetteville st

            some "foodies" i've encountered get snooty about these places because they cant get "organic" whatever, or veggie burgers...but its where the real people shop, that's for sure...and at real people prices

        2. There are actually a number of Indian groceries in Raleigh/Cary (more choices than Durham). Cary alone has an Indian population of over 10,000 and even has a multiplex showing Bollywood films.

          We particularly like the Around the World Market which looks like a convenience store from the outside, but opens up to the size of a small supermarket and includes an Indian take-out place.

          For more information on Indian groceries in the Triangle,see:

          You will also be pleasantly surprised at the number and variety of Indian eateries in the area: regional specialties from Hyderabad, excellent vegetarian like Udipi, a rare chaat place (Cool Breeze), an India-style pizza parlor, and a store specializing in Indian sweets (their Ras malai is superb).

          1. You've landed in the right area if you like Indian food and like to cook Indian food. I don't live in Raleigh but the Triangle is bursting with many excellent Indian restaurants as well as numerous Indian grocery stores. If you search with "Indian" and "grocery" in your preferred search engine, you'll probably get hits for at least a couple Indian grocery stores.

            Those same Indian grocery stores probably sell some Thai ingredients too. If you don't find them there, there's plenty of Asian grocery stores including two megastores. One is Grand Asia in South Hills mall and the other is called A & C and is south of downtown Raleigh.