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Feb 15, 2008 08:05 AM

Recommendations for Karaiskaki square area, Athens

My sister and I are headed to Greece the end of March, we are staying on Odysseos Street nears Karaiskaki Square in Athens and I am looking for recommendations for places to eat lunch dinner and also bars.

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  1. This area is called Metaxourgeio and it's increasingly become home to galleries and artists' hang-outs displaced from Psyrri and Gazi further downtown. But don't expect it to be pretty... it's a modern, grungy and oppressively urban area. Karaiskaki Square has a Metro station, so use the Metro to get to the more attractive parts of town. Gazi and Psyrri have loads of places to eat. But if you're desperate to eat in Metaxourgeio then I believe the best restaurant in the area is El Bandoneon, an Argentinian restaurant on Mextaxourgeio Square.