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Raw Cream in San Diego?

I seem to recall I've seen it somewhere, but does anyone know for sure where I can get my hands on some raw cream? I need it to make clotted cream.

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  1. I think People's has it. I know they have raw milk. Might be worth a call.

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      Seaside Market in Cardiff carries raw milk

      I am sure I have seen raw cream there as well

      But that is probably a drive for you, huh? Although you could always stop at VG Donuts making the trip oh so extra donutty special.

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        add Elizabethan Desserts for more dessert!

    2. AQ, just an FYI, I saw an episode of Good Eats where AB made clotted cream, only had it in the UK, wow... real good, my arteries had a moment of silence.

      1. I am actually going up to OC this Sunday so I could stop somewhere in N County on my way back. I seem to recall a store somewhere around that had a full line of raw milk products but I can't remember where I saw it.

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          Am I invisible?

          Seaside Market!!!!!!!!!!!


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            ha ha - no but Seaside isn't the place I was thinking of. Sounds like I have plenty of options though! I had no idea that whole foods carries raw cream - I will probably get it there or @ Peoples. Thanks guys!

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            I would imagine Jimbo's in Del Mar would have that sort of thing.

          3. All Whole Foods Markets carry raw cream.

            1. I would love a post of the recipe if possible. I am dreaming of scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam.....OH GOD that sounds soooooooooo divine right now!!!!!

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                Ela, I watched Good Eats a while ago, Alton Brown made clotted cream, recipie is on-line at food network. I've used his recipies, they are pretty good.

              2. Jimbo's has the Organic Pastures raw milk and cream, you can check the Del Mar or Carlsbad locations. I would definitely call first to make sure they have it, as it does tend to sell out. I've also seen it at some Henry's markets, pretty sure I saw it at the Lomas Santa Fe Henry's.

                1. I know this is an old post, but I saw raw cream (Organic Pastures brand) at Windmill Farms in Del Cerro today.

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                    Thanks! That's actually very convenient for me. I still haven't gotten around to trying this yet - but I will soon.