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Feb 15, 2008 07:56 AM

Any Korean in Providence, RI

I will be in Providence, RI in two weeks.. Are there any good Korean in Providence, RI. I'm looking for Bibimbap.

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  1. Sun and Moon on Warren Avenue in East Providence is fantastic, among the best Korean food I've ever had. Top of our list of places to which to return.

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      I second Sun & Moon. The food is excellent, and the people who work there couldn't be nicer....

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        I know there's also a newish Korean restaurant, Solomon Market, on Benefit St, but I've never been there.

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          Sun and Moon without a doubt. The place is tiny but the food is grand. Their Bibimbobs are mouthwatering and their hot stone stews are amazing.

          1. re: creamy

            Do they have a website? I'm looking for their menu.

            1. re: jken2000

              I do not think they have one. It is a modest, well-kept, small place. Try it, you can't go wrong here.

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                A bit old, and from the ProJo:


                This covers the basics, though my memory is that the menu is larger than this. Also, it's BYOB, if that is something you're interested in! It's really worth the trip - so delicious!

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              It's bigger than it used to be. They expanded into the former tattoo parlor next door. And I agree, the food is great.

      2. The Korean Solomon Market has good bibimbap.

        404 Benefit Street.

        Weeknights are best - very crowded Friday and Saturday nights.

        1. Both are really good. Just had dinner at Sun & Moon last night -- fried veggie dumplings and the Korean pancake for apps, and kimchee fried rice, spicy chicken & veggies, spicy pork & veggies, and chap chae were our entrees. All delicious! I love their stone pot bibimbap, but if left to my own devices, I'll order it every time I'm there. As a result, I'm going through their menu item by item. All have been great.

          I also love Solomon Market, but a lot of the food there is very spicy. Their squid over rice is wonderfully flavorful, but extremely spicy. If you like spicy, try both!

          1. Nobody likes Sura in Johnston? I've never had their Bibimbap, but I've always enjoyed the food I've gotten from there, including the sushi when they had it.

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              The problem with Sura is that they are trying to be too many things at once. When a restaurant has Korean, Chinese and Japanese items on their menu, it is time to leave, IMO. Also, I do not think Sura had/has a Korean cook. On the other hand, I'll go to Sura before I go to a fast food joint or a chain restaurant.

            2. seeing all the rec's for sun and moon in this thread, i decided to try it out for lunch on sunday since i needed to go to asiana market across the street anyhow. the posters in this thread were certainly not wrong--sun and moon is a solid little spot. i had the beef jab chae, which was excellent and my s.o. got the flounder gatsu which she was thrilled with. i had a bite of the latter and it was really nicely fried and tasty. panchan were limited to kim chi, a cucumber pickle and a green bean side dish, which were all good though i might have liked one or two more sides. that's a minor quibble, though.

              as said before here, the setting is clean + bright (though the decor is slightly "busy", but whatever) and the couple who runs the place are really nice. i'll sure be back again to try out the bulgoki and mandoo guk, and i'll admit that the flounder katsu has made me very curious about the don gatsu on the menu. recommended again!

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                Just as an aside, because you mention the panchan (i'll admit i had to look that up because I didn't know the term), the time i was there they served a wonderful little plate of garlic scapes in a nutty dressing. when i asked where they were from, they said a friend of theirs who farms nearby. so they even have a little bit of local, seasonal produce sometimes! I wonder if they do more of that in season... I'll have to go back to see.