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Feb 15, 2008 07:49 AM

Off the beaten path...

I am going to be with a friend for dinner and am in the mood to try some place different. Know the feeling? We go out all the time and have been to a number of the well-known/popular restaurants in the DC region.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a place that is usually over looked or off the beaten path with great food? Know a place that used to the talk of town 5 years ago and is often forgotten but still good? Any recommendations for a place that is new, good and has not gotten a lot of publicity. I am just looking for some place different than usual.

We are open to different types of cuisines. As for price range, it is just a regular Friday night out on the town (not a special occasion) so it should be average price. We would prefer for the restaurant to be within DC. Thanks!

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  1. Two Thai places come to mind - Kanlaya near the Verizon Center (on 6th) and Regent Thai, near Dupont on 18th. Add in Simply Home, on U near 14th. It's very serene. In Cleveland Park, Indique often flies below the radar with Palena, Dino, Ardeo, etc. right in the neighborhood. If you're in the mood for Island fare, Islander Carribbean on U is fun (just be prepared for sometimes dippy service).

    1. If French is an option for you, Montmartre near the Eastern Market metro may be the kind of place you're looking for. It has a very loyal following, but tends to fly under the "hip and trendy restaurant" radar.

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        Mandu is a good Korean place on 18th Street. Montmartre is amazing as well, fully agreed.

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          yeah, but if Montmartre is the choice call ahead for a reservation.