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Jan 1, 2002 02:49 PM

Fast Food between LAX and SM

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Looking for a fast food stand of quality between LAX and Santa Monica. I'll be in LA for a family event and will have about 15 minutes between events and the plane. I've been to a great fish taco stand next to a tire changing place on Lincoln near Rose. What else?

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    Cyrus J. Farivar

    I know it's a chain, but I'm always partial to In N' Out, which can be found on Lincoln/Washington or also on Sepulveda, directly north of LAX. Make sure you ask for whichever burger you get "animal style", as part of their secret menu. :)

    1. check out the Philly Cheese Steak stand on Lincoln between Venice Blvd and Rose. I know the taco stand you mention....great place, but their fish tacos are suspect. Try Rubio's for fish tacos, also on Lincoln in a strip mall half mile before Washington

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      1. re: DW

        Shudder... I disagree with you. Rubio's always tastes disgusting to me. I've gotten bellyaches more times from Rubio's (I'm not smart, you see, I always try something more than once even if I got hurt from it the first time. Kind of like a dog who keeps running into the glass sliding door even though he keeps bumping his head on it).

        The taco stand of which you speak is perfectly serviceable, or there's Tommy's hamburgers on Lincoln just north of Rose. There's also a soul-food restaurant on Lincoln just north of Washington next to an Affordable Portables wireless store.

        This assumes you're going on Lincoln. If you're going on Sepulveda, at Washington Place and Sepulveda in Culver City is Tito's Tacos, Johnnie's Pastrami, and what used to be Lucy's (typical Mex/Am takeout). Also, if you can make a short detour, at Sawtelle and Venice, one block west and one block north of the Venice Blvd. exit from the southbound 405, is Empanada's Place (3811 Sawtelle Blvd.) It's takeout empanadas and other Argentine food. Delicious!

        If you're going down the 405 to Century Blvd. your takeout options are pretty much limited to Mickey D's, Yack-in-the-Box, and Hurl's Jr.

        1. re: PRSMDave

          I never have a problem with Rubio's so I must respectfully disagree.

          There is a new shopping center in Westchester called The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center. There are a variety of fast food places there (including a Rubio's) that I would recommend.

        2. re: DW

          "I know the taco stand you mention....great place, but their fish tacos are suspect."

          Suspected of what? And by whom?
          I've eaten there since day 1 (I live about 1000' away) and have never gotten sick, even on their raw oysters (14 for $7-INSANE!).
          I order a seafood burrito with guacamole-they charge me approx $3.25, and it's almost too big to eat.

        3. There's also In-n-Out burger so close to the airport you can feel the planes flying overhead - which can add or take from the experience depending on how you look at it. It's on the west side of Sepulveda three blocks south of Manchester. Get a cheeseburger or double-double "animal-style" with fries and a shake. A must-try if you're not from LA.

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          1. re: sunnyla

            Sorry, I didn't see Cyrus's response before I posted. My bad.

          2. Uncle Darrow's on Lincoln near Washington has great shrimp and catfish po boys--the best I've had outside of New Orleans. You can get a fresh, cooked-to-order sandwich in less time than you'll wait in line at In 'N Out (which, if you go to the In 'N Out around the corner on Washington, can take more than half an hour).

            Abbot's Pizza on Abbot Kinney near California has great pizza by the slice. Ask the counter person what's hot from the oven for the fastest food in town.

            How could any self-respecting Chowhound recommend the bland, plastic, prefab fare at Rubio's when there are so many better options in the area (inlcuding the mariscos "roach coach" that parks on Rose in the afternoon and on Lincoln near Flower at night)? I might understand it if we were talking about options in Victorville or Yucaipa--not Santa Monica/Venice.

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            1. re: Chris G.

              Uncle Darrow's... that's the name of the cajun place next to the Affordable Portables. I knew it was something like that.

              Gracias, Chris.